Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SUNDAY SUNDAY--Part Two a day later than planned

Passing the local church garden,
I note that it is spare compared to other years.
April 2011
 April 2013
The year "no money for plants" was begun.
April 2014
It has been neglected since I quit.
The non-perennial mums they planted that terrible day in early November 2013 when they ripped out half of twenty years growth to accommodate a donation died a week later, and are still dead.  I will watch through this season, document,  and let go.
Onward then to the bus stop where I encounter a delightful child still wearing her home made Easter Bonnet.
East eighties in splendid bloom.
The Metropolitan Museum was much too crowded for me.
I'll see the exhibits another day.
Into Central Park.
Old growth on display.
to the Reservoir.
It served as the water supply for the City
until an outbreak of cholera in 1933 made finding a new source necessary.

Once known as Lake Manhatta,
it was renamed for Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1994.
  She ran the track that surrounds it, and was a major financial contributor to the park.  If you visit, be sure to read the history.
Japanese tourists were everywhere capturing images.
The Guggenheim is visible across the street.
Having wandered for several hours, I stopped in to the Church of the Heavenly Rest on Fifth Avenue at 90th Street for just that.  It's a welcoming place.
 An elderly woman named 'Virginia', serving as docent for the day, was terribly kind.  When asked what brought me there, and in response to my reply that I was on my last legs, she insisted on getting me some food from the leftovers of lunch they had served as part of their regular outreach to those in need, and wouldn't take no for an answer.  There were also bags of fruit arranged by the door for anyone to take.
It's a beautiful cathedral, and I'm sorry I took so few pictures.  They are an Anglican Episcopalian and progressive community.  Their election of Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori to serve in the highest position of leadership was controversial.
This unsigned painting caught my eye.
Cloth is incorporated into the surface.
The rough burlap seems just right,
I wanted to touch of course.
Outside, a homeless woman was sleeping.
I quietly left the meal there.
Homeward then on the bus downtown.
Arriving at 23rd Street,
where someone left a gift I was meant to find.
I barely got out of my coat before dropping into bed.
The strange blue rose,
my Easter Sunday souvenir.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


My day began at 7AM when
Mr. T. Bear got a friend for Easter
Teddy stayed home with his little duckling, while I had a BIG outdoor day, came home and slept till 10PM, so this is posting late.

Today happened to be the birthday of Peter Beagle who wrote "The Last Unicorn", a book I remember loving, and somewhere in the stacks here have an original copy of.  In the eighties an animated movie was made:
(five minute clip)

This LINK makes Disney movies available FREE
I have looked at it but not tried one yet.  This week I will attempt watching the full version of "The Last Unicorn" and report back.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Mule Deer and one particular man
An intimate relationship developed over the seven years he
became embedded in a herd.
PBS Documentary
(I can not recall the title, but it aired here twice this week)

Closings sever community connections.

My new audio book from the library--Irish tales from Patrick Taylor remind me of how relationships can be.

Spring bursts it's bounds.

Evening is upon us now
rolling the stone of day away

Thursday, April 17, 2014


In a Symbolic Universe

In my Personal Universe
there's one blank wall
where sunlight plants a sign for me
to meditate upon.

In a Dear Friends Universe,
Audubon birds deliver a message of love and support.

In the Geometric Universe,
this 'armiliary; depicted the heavens once upon a time.

In a Tibetan Universe,
turning prayer wheels is the prayer.

In this City Universe
a bank of dogwoods bloom at night.

In a Zen Universe;
"Oh monkey mind! What are you reaching for?
Above, below, to the right or left, what do you think is missing?  Breather in, settle this monkey mind.  What you search for is not 'there'--It's right here, now."
~Enkyo Roshi~

"There's nothing like eavesdropping to show you that the world outside your head is different from the world inside your head."
~Thornton Wilder~

It's his birthday commemoration today.
A good enough reason to celebrate.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I descended into the subway for the train uptown.
A bald-shaved burly man covered with tattoos was pushing a high tech baby carriage, his wife beaming nearby as I asked permission to photograph his legs.
He seemed pleased too.
When you depart the train at 103rd Street, walk West a few blocks, and there is an old stone overpass for the Metro North line which you must go through.  Emerging from that, if you look back and up, birds and trees live in that wall.
Archangel brought a swell and generous picnic.  We met to eat on the front patio of the Museum of NY where there are tables and chairs, and a choice of sun or shade.  Later, in a brief visit inside, I asked this man if I could get a shot of the back and front of his t-shirt.  He too was pleased, as was his wife.
I was disappointed that the message on the front included an advertisement.
On to the Conservatory Garden across the street.
Next to the entrance gates.
Looking down over the Roman garden from the high Wisteria portico.  Later there will be a fountain rising two stories up from the center of that circle, and many shrubs and perennials will be in bloom in between and all around.  It's just begun.
Looking up through the iron framework to the newly pruned vines, and remembering when the lavendar blossoms blotted out the sky.  That will happen again little by little.
These are ancient vines.
Ah, the crab apple trees will bloom and fruit again,  There are two of these alleys flanking the Roman Lawn on either side.
The English garden
Dogwood bloom
Dogwood branch
Archangel and I took simultaneous portraits of each other.
blue Scylla
A sudden change in weather.
Archangel headed home.
I wandered further uptown.
Music for days end.
Took a slow bus home.