Wednesday, June 20, 2018


...and a few things more
Riding downtown on the 2nd Avenue bus 
June 17th 2018

Steve Gorn (bamboo flute) and Bill Buchen (tabla)
Luminous Ragas
5-6 PM
Avenue B
Christodora House
Christodora House is a historic building located at 143 Avenue B in the East Village/Alphabet City neighborhoods of Manhattan, New York City. It was designed by architect Henry C. Pelton (architect of Riverside Church) in the American Perpendicular Style and constructed in 1928 as a settlement house for low-income and immigrant residents, providing food, shelter, and educational and health services.
 Sold via condemnation to the City of New York in 1948 for $1.6 million. The city planned to house delinquent boys in the building, operated by the Department of Welfare. However, for reasons which remain unclear the building remained empty or underutilized through 1956.
In the mid-1960s, a variety of unsanctioned community activity took place in the lower floors of the buildings. This led to a police raid and closure in 1969, which nonetheless did not stop these unsanctioned activities in the building. In fact, it has been bruited about that the national headquarters of the Black Panthers was housed in the building. Reports are that the building was also used as the setting for several pornographic films. The city sold the property for $62,500 in 1975.
By 1986 the building had been sold numerous times, and finally the building began being converted into condominiums. For many area residents, this was the first sign of gentrification.
On March 20, 1986, Christodora House was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
The August 7, 1988 Tompkins Square Park Riot, provoked partially by the area's gentrification, spilled over into Christodora House. Rioters chanted "Die Yuppie Scum" in reference to the supposed "yuppie scum" residents of the building. The front doors were smashed and rioters ransacked the lobby of the building.
Tompkins Square Park
Watching the Dog Run
lit by setting sun turns the scene b/w
Piano donated by the Sing for Hope Foundation
(see link)
Progressive Jazz  with Kenny Jaworski 
Then Russian Classical Tunes


Every summer, Sing for Hope places artist-designed pianos throughout New York City's parks and public places for anyone to play. Once the season comes to an end, the pianos are donated to public schools around the city.
The End

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Sunday June 17th
William James Slater
born 1903
Started as a telephone lineman then went to Police school and became a Patrolman, then Sargent, then Detective, and finally Chief of the County Parkway Police + Head of Civil Defense for Westchester County, New York State
Married Anne Adelaide Ryan and they had two children
Michelle and William James Jr.

Died suddenly in his sleep the day before his fifty first Birthday. Coronary thrombosis was the cause


William James Jr. married Rosa lea Correa
their son
Dennis Michael Slater was born
April 1987
(I'm looking on)

 ...the family goes on

Fathers Day 2015 Revisited
with more photographs and two poems

Saturday, June 16, 2018


My unnecessary anxiety over clearing a path from the poorly angled entrance door, through a very cluttered hall, and several rooms to the front window where it was going to replace the dead one.

It doesn't show but the 3 shelf item on the right was loaded with all sorts of stuff and my Stone Buddha on the top flanked by two vases of dusty old dry floral and leaf arrangements...the hallway out of the frame also had a lineup of shoes, a rolling cart and spare beach chair, plus another small table with more floral arrangements and lots of catch pots with a collection of 'don't-know-whats'. An hour or so of careful sorting, some tossing and finally clear save for the basket which moved into the bathroom and the rest of the rooms got done as well in just another few hours, including the escape break from my last post.
Right on time Friday afternoon and totally efficient, two wonderful fellows from Warshaw Hardware, one of the very few REAL hardware stores in Manhattan and friends for over forty years, arrived, removed the old machine, installed and tested the new one and it's just great!
Thank you Matt and Andre.
And Thanks to my friend and neighbor Ron Sherbet, who did me the favor of calling me to be sure I was awake and came over to spend time with me during the installation.

Warshaw Hardware

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Friday, June 15, 2018


During the task of having to clear a path for the installation of the much needed new Air Conditioner, I rediscover myself as the horribly cluttered old hag who never threw anything out, just stacked it neatly.

Walking Out as Temporary Cure
In 1836 Peter Gerard Stuyvesant (1778-1847) and his wife Helen Rutherford reserved four acres of the family farm and sold it for five dollars to the City of New York as a public park.
His remarkable gift may have been the most ambitious gesture of Peter Gerard Stuyvesant, the co-founder of the New York Historical Society and one of the richest men in America at his time.
A public park in a rapidly expanding city was a priceless amenity, and still is.
Sitting on one of the benches, looking up into sky,
I stop thinking of myself and the world.
Like a field daisy without a field, I become nobody in particular, just another being out of context, floating silently along with all of it.
This old warrior is cut in many ways, limbs removed and yet It's roots are pushing against stone, undeterred.
My little cane is dwarfed.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Kids poster in the Library of University Settlement
where my writing group 'the Moving Pen" meets weekly

Muralist on Houston Street

On Second Avenue
a woman sits in the shade knitting
Constant destruction for construction in my neighborhood
This one's on 22nd Street and they just hit bedrock

on the way to Meet friends in from the Catskills
this scene at 2nd Avenue near 5th Street

At the Queen Vic, one of the few surviving neighborhood bars in the East Village--unpretentious,clean and welcoming. I'm not drinking and Cranberry juice is still only $3.00
Nemo Hill with John Marcus Powell

Lavinia Fox


Unknown person
asleep on the couch
 I walked home
8th Street on Third Avenue

Weather at 5PM

Sign at Housing Works
East 23rd Street

After Meditation
Zen Center for Contemplative Care
119 West 23rd Street

Weather at 8PM

This ornate Old Building was '"The Claridge" I think but I have to get the address and look it up. To be continued
Wandered West
built to last
 and still survives as luxury housing

This popular restaurant and the building that housed it
will not survive and, once sold will likely be torn down to make room for another mega giant.