Monday, July 25, 2016


"The partner dance said to have originated in the 1880s along the River Plate between Argentina and Uruguay soon spread to the rest of the world."

New York City
Learn to tango to live music at Stuyvesant Square with lessons led by certified instructor Esmeralda from 6:00 to 6:45, dancing and music continues until 9:00 PM Sunday nights June through July 31st. 
"The exact origins of tango, both the dance and the word itself are lost in myth and unrecorded history."
"The generally accepted theory is that in the mid-1800s, the African slaves who had been brought to Argentina or their descendants began to influence the local culture. The word “tango” may be straightforwardly African in origin, meaning “closed place” or “reserved ground.” Or it may derive from Portuguese (and from the Latin verb tanguere, to touch) and was picked up by Africans on the slave ships. Whatever its origin, the word “tango” had acquired the standard meaning of the place where African slaves and free blacks gathered to dance by the time Argentina banned slavery in 1853."

Legendary Argentine Tango diva 'Gracie de Evita Peron', infamous mistress of Argentine dictator & dance instructor 'Gaucho Marx', sings "Vamp of the Pampas"
by Richard A. Whiting & Leo Robin.


Sunday, July 24, 2016


Pigeons on the windowsill:
"Wake up-Wake up"
"Not yet-Not yet"
 "It's already too bright out there."

We're having a heat wave.
Last night my neighbor and I walked to the river searching for a breeze we couldn't find,
yet the flowers didn't seem to mind.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Title References
(Two Links)

 Hudson River
Blue enhanced and surreal. Let's just say it's how I feel.

Last Blooming Roses
We're having a real heat wave.

Bus Reader
 Even she seemed surreal.

Surreal Estate
How real can you get? This elaborate, ornate, Gothic gem of a property at 281 Park Avenue South used to house social service organizations among other businesses. Now it's for sale as the flagship headquarters of some willing super entity.
Appropriately they are advertising their availability in the unfinished lobby with this arresting display:
 Bizarre, life size latex sculptures...
 haunting the haunted house.

Political Vision Airy
Apparently Surrealism has returned with melting clocks that don't tell time, and time itself in retrograde sliding off the periodic table. The unconscious is having a fling with us, or are we only dreaming? What labyrinth is this? Is it a moon or simply another mirage
(Link to Periodic Tables)
 Wishing you all sufficient means and Peace of mind.


Park Avenue Property

Title References

Entertaining article from The Guardian

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Morning and I make an appointment for another allergy test, then a long talk with a friend having teeth work done.  Elders commiserating.  Face book and emails, breakfast, meditation, 'Democracy Now' catching up on the news (see LINK), then a trip to the library where another elder, disturbed to distraction over the RNC and her memories of Hitler, needed to talk. Another commiseration session.

Restorative Nap

In front of the building where workers are digging out more dirt from the building next door under construction.

7 PM
Blue-sky moment looking out the window
at the Zendo after sitting

What is 'The Cell' at 336 West 23rd Street?
(see LINK)
 Continued walking West
(I wish I lived here)

While waiting for the bus, a cheery moment
'Mother Pigeon' with 'Olivia'
(see LINK)

The drills are digging holes on the corner again
Still working near midnight
 Con Edison advertisement and Warning
'get the CE text Ap before it's too late'

Once around Gramercy Park
following a slow walking old dog
Good Night Good Night
("parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night 'till it be morrow.")

The Cell
Mother Pigeon

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Mourning Dove
After Monday's Sudden Storm
TUESDAY at 2:30 PM
Here's a kind of amusing story, and then a sad but inspiring one from yesterday.
During my search for someone to pick me up from my appointment (they won't perform the procedure unless someone is there to escort you home and out of the doctors insurance liability zone), I phoned an old friend who has a lot of personal experience with health issues, doctors and hospitals. She couldn't pick me up, but proceeded to tell me what she knew about the procedure, then asked who my doctor was.  When I told her, she launched into all the reasons she was no longer using him, aware that I was about 8 hours into a liquid fast and the preparation for the procedure which is a bit daunting.  I was tired and unstable but she went on and on about her medical history and her new doctor, though I reminded her I was committed to my appointment and had reliable recommendations that had led me to this doctor (who she had used for years satisfactorily).  I managed to trip her off the subject, hung up, and felt supremely grateful that she was not available.  Meanwhile, one of my wonderful writing group friends offered to help, though she lives some distance away, has plenty of mobility problems herself and was packing to leave for a trip. I thanked her but looked a little further and found my dear Yogi buddy, Joanne, who immediately said yes. even though she is working (nearby the doctors office) and had just come off a horrendously painful, exhausting month with her mother--running back and forth from hospital to hospice and, sadly, in the end to an overnight flight with her sisters and the burial in Florida.  She is truly amazing, and one of the finest beings I know.
Leaving Home
With my Paperwork
 Walking West to Fifth Avenue
 Looking Up to the Bright Blue
 Prep Room
 After the Colonoscopy with Joanne
(still woozy I forgot to smile)
 The upshot: "You have the colon of a forty four year old."  There was a tissue sample taken and blood for a another diagnostic, and the lab results will be available in a week.  What I loved was the La-La sleep, great anesthesiologist, lovely office folk , and the very fine Doctor.  All's well.  Thank you to every kind soul who inquired, emailed and phoned. Nervous is my default position.
You reassured and comforted me.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Walked from Second Avenue Down 6th Street to Avenue B slow as a turtle, spent an hour in the B Garden, then back uptown on Avenue B to 14th Street and West to 1st Avenue where I took the bus to 20th Street.
A pocket garden on 6th Street
Cherry Tavern
Building that speaks for itself.
How do I know an elder lives here.

 Sundays Event
Also known as the 6th Street garden at Avenue B
Future Event
July 23rd 7-9PM

Garden walkway with black cat walking away.
Intoxicating lilies.
Wind sock.
Prayer flags in a slight breeze
Memorial fountain
Need I say, Rose?
A lily as tall as me.
Out of focus and very yellow
The Garden Rooster
Tiny old sculpture
Dear friend of many years, Mindy Levokove  on Stage wrapping cable.

Avenue B at 11th Street Architecture preserved
14th Street headed West
Been to many poetry events in the back room of this friendly dive