Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It's getting hotter
Storms are brewing
Time to change dark to light in every way

(Fall 2013 View)

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Summer Solstice

Fathers Day

No Daddy

I searched through poets for a verse, but nothing suited me.
Idly speculating I wondered, if you had lived what might I be?

Would I still wear the woman I am, or dress in other incarnations?
Would you have weathered the storms of my stages, my stations of the cross,
our tribulations? 

Would you have loved me anyway?
Sixty years is a long, long time to have had no Daddy on Fathers Day.

Daddy, I hardly knew you.  Pictures, some artifacts, memory flooded shores
are all there is of you, save a brother whose fine features mimic yours.

Wait---one thing more--a gesture of celebration, and
because you were a good man, this Solstice sun in my open hand.


 National Arts Club on Gramercy Park
June 20th
"Archeology Addicts"
President, Michele Kidwell and her husband
Entertaining and informative slide Lecture by Yekaterina Barbash, Assistant Curator of the Arts of Ancient Egypt at the Brooklyn Museum, discusses the unique roles of cats and lions in Egyptian everyday life, kingship, mythology as well as the extraordinary exhibition Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt, which she organized.  
Annual Russian Heritage Month
Several Galleries were exhibiting works of Russian Artists and
a photo series of Shamans from the Russian Museum of Ethnography
 Drawings by Dashi Namdakov
"Horseman with Bow"
Russian-American Women Artists
Many More


(under constant construction)
 A woman watches from the wall
(unknown artist)
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery
Artist, Francois Ben Arous (right)
with her friend Jane (left)
Francoise is a French born artist and world traveler.  A doctor by profession, her art, influenced by Western heritage and Eastern Zen Philosophy, is is cross cultural and spiritual.

61" X 49"
 (see catalog)
 (see catalog)
(her Chinese Signature)
(Joss, Arches, Silver and Nepalese papers, Gold leaf, Pigment, Oil and Acrylic)
Photos are partial only.  Originals on view through July
West 27th Street #510
RareArt Gallery
(Properties Inc.)
An environmentalist who scavenges, collects and inventories what has been discarded.  His sculptures are arrived at through experimentation and invention.

547 West 27th Street #514

Street Theater by NowAge
(LightSource Temple.Org.)
 Hoopin and Hollerin
 Happy and Silly
Totally Non-Threatening
They drew an appreciative crowd-15 minutes and they were gone
on toward downtown where I heard them start up again.
New York, New York, It's a hell of a town.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


On a building at West 79th Street
where I waited for the crosstown bus
No sleep last night for no reason, restless legs maybe. Slept through the morning into early afternoon again (((sigh)))--then--Laugh if you like...I went to Columbus Avenue hoping to see R. Nemo Hill and Julio M. Perea. Of course, they were NOT there, but at Lincoln Center Crafts!  Last week was the Columbus Crafts.  I don't know how I got it mixed up but I only had enough fare to get home again and it was too late to walk downtown at 5PM, so I wandered around, chatted with farm market folk, got freebies for charm and because it was the end of the day
potato and onion
took the bus home...had some pleasant encounters with strangers,
and so it goes.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Still blooming after decades
Surprise gifts in the mail
Reversible cotton pouch
 Rosemary and Thyme
To go with my Garlic
 A lovely window hanging
Kind thoughts from a dear friend can make such a difference.


Some days are just problems.
Even if by the end of the day one has managed to solve most of them, they take their toll.

Off Center Zen Flower
(After a hot night of no sleep, faced a non-functioning stove, an air conditioner not useful until I finally succumbed to pigeon roosting discouragement and installed spikes at a cost of $30 (hurt my heart to deny them), the coffee maker malfunctioned and made a mess that took longer to clean up than the energy left in my body, all sorts of body aches resurfaced with a vengeance, and disturbing mail meant exasperating research and phone calls)