Thursday, January 29, 2015


Best Barber
Refuge Together
Super Girl
Unknown Depths
 Jingle Jangle
 Best Autobiography
Poop Protection
Gertrude's Bench
 Quite Tedious
 Just Wonderful
One Summer
New Old Ford
 Plumber Needed Above
 Plumber Needed Below
Day's Ending

Friday, January 23, 2015


I recently reconnected with a friend from days of activism
in Film, Video and Photography...
(on location in Central Park holding a camera stand)
...causing me to excavate deep into closets and boxes where my
production work of the Seventies and Eighties has been resting for decades

"When the Bough Breaks", "Ritual", "Packaged for Resale", "Life and Death",
"Women's Work", "Porno-Graphics", "The Nuclear Family Photo Series"
Besides 8mm and 16mm film reels and outtakes,
there is also a box of 3/4 video, three carousels of slides,
ten slide sheets, about twenty boxes of slides,
and another box of large prints I haven't found yet
Unfortunately I no longer own a slide projector, slide viewer or photo loop
so I'm using an improvised means to review the slide outtakes
--clothes pinning or holding them up to one bright light to sample--
these are mostly outtakes with the best shots on the slide carousels

Women's Pentagon Action
Washington D.C. 1981

Joan Braderman
Teacher at SVA Film

Women weave the Pentagon closed with yarn

Nuclear Disarmament
United Nations to Central Park
June 12 1982

Joan Baez

Women's Peace Camp
Seneca New York
Summer Fall 1983

Video from The Women's Peace Camp
An interview with Katherine Allport from the Encampment Archives

As I reviewed this material I remembered joy and terror, commitment and courage, a golden time when it seemed possible to invest in hope.  Now massive forces world wide are gathered to fight against that possibility.  We are still at war, still incapable of peaceful coexistence and still disastrously wrong for the planet and all sentient life.  So, what can sustain me but the love of friends, the knowledge that there are still people who care, and that nothing material lasts forever?  What can I do but keep on stepping truthfully and peacefully every day upon the path in front of me?
Meanwhile I'm looking for an archive for this material.