Monday, May 23, 2016


Opera Thrift Shop
Window 1
Window 2

"Physical Distress"

Across the East River
The Further Shore
Two Gulls
Three Gulls-A Cormorant


Monday Morning
"In No Mans Ear" by R. Nemo Hill, "Shahaama" by Nayra Atiya,
"A Wild Patience Has Taken Me This Far" by Adrienne Rich

"Freedom.  It isn't once, to walk out
Under the Milky Way, feeling the rivers
of light, the fields of dark--
freedom is daily, prose bound, routine
remembering.  Putting together, inch by inch
the starry worlds.  From all the lost collections."
-Adrienne Rich-


Saturday, May 21, 2016


Too lazy to be ambitious,
I let the world take care of itself.
Ten days' worth of rice in my bag;
a bundle of twigs by the fireplace.
Why chatter about delusion and enlightenment?
Listening to the night rain on my roof,
I sit comfortably, with both legs stretched out.
-Taigu Ryokan-
...and then they slept, and the timer turned the television off, and
the night went on it's way to day, and the planet rotated, and
the galaxies did whatever they needed to, and so did you,
and so it goes.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Boarded the 1st Avenue bus
 Debarked at the United Nations
 Waited for the Cross town bus West
 Arrived for Free Event at Town Hall
123 West 43rd Street
Dada J.P Vaswami with Krishna Das and Friends
(See two Links)
They gave us snacks upon entry!
I started watching from the balcony.
and moved downstairs to the front row
for the last chant.
"Jaya Bhagavan"

Afterward at Bryant Park
 People play free ping pong
until the park closes

Walking toward home, I encountered a demonstration for the Panchen Lama: Gedhun Choekyi Nyima was recognized by the 14th Dalai Lama on 14 May 1995.  He vanished from the public eye shortly after being named at aged six. It has been claimed that he had been taken into protective custody from those that would spirit him into exile and is now held in captivity against the wishes of the Tibetan people.
(see Link)

May all beings be happy
May all beings be free from suffering
May all beings live with ease of heart



"One can't complain. I have my friends.
Someone spoke to me only yesterday."

This homeless visitor
interrupted his lunch to wave at me.
My blog friend D.L. sent a care package
with three gorgeous linen garments,
 plus this surprise Aquarian tarot
to join with my other two.
My dear Florida friend sent dried pungent thyme
hand picked from her garden.
 I separated the sticks for tea,
 ...and strained the leaves for fine spicing.
My old buddy A.E. brought a bag full of dry goods
including a ten pound bag of choice Basmati rice!
Really, how cared for can a person be before she bursts!  I'm counting blessings not sheep, and attempting to give away some of the rice because I'll just never get through it.  None of the garments (a stunning blouse and two sleeveless vests) fit me unfortunately, but I have two friends who will be just delighted to have some class additions to their wardrobes, and I'm going to love making them smile, so still great gifts.
Then Spring turned cool and bright.
May all beings be happy
May all beings be free from suffering
May all beings live with an easy heart.

Thank you

Sunday, May 15, 2016


"To regain patience, learn to love the sour,
the bitter, the salty, the clear." 
-James Rchardson-

Canada on my mind

(Signage on a phone booth third Avenue NYC)
The Alberta wildfire, which has come to be known as "the beast," has destroyed 2,400 homes and businesses, and displaced upward of 94,000 people.  Evacuees, now spread across the province and the country, are waiting for word on when they can return home. The fire has moved away from the city, and is expected to burn in forested areas for many more weeks.
What happens to wildlife caught in a forest blaze?
(Answers in the Link at bottom)

Dreaming Nettles
I dream fields of bloom and dirt paths, old gates,
blue skies, wildflower drifting days, nettle soup,
moon strewn nights and starlit visions of heaven.
-M. Slater-
(screen shot from Terri Windlings wonderful blog Post on Nettles)
Her Recipe
"Melt some butter in the bottom of the soup pot, add a chopped onion or two, and cook slowly until softened.  Add a litre or so of vegetable or chicken stock, with salt, pepper, and any herbs you fancy.  Add 2 large potatoes (chopped), a large carrot (chopped), and simmer until almost soft. If you like your soup thick, use more potatoes.  Throw in several large handfuls of fresh nettle tops, and simmer gently for another 10 minutes.  Add some cream (to taste), and a pinch of nutmeg.  Purée with a blender, and serve."
(Much more beauty at the Link Below)

Like the sea, like sweat, saliva, blood and tears.
 Salt of the earth salty.  Purifying curative salt.
(Himalayan pink sea salt in a shell)
Cloud Cult is an experimental, orchestral indie-rock band from Duluth, Minnesota led by singer/songwriter Craig Minowa. The name originated from the ancient prophecies of indigenous North Americans.  Just a part of what's to love about this band: "In 1997 Craig Minowa formed Earthology Records on his organic farm, powered by geothermal energy and built partially from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. This nonprofit label uses only recycled materials and donates all profits to environmental charities. The band also tours in a biodiesel van."
(More about them at the Link)  

Mystification is easy; Clarity is the hardest thing of all.” 
(Photographer shoots her moon)

"Clarity is the hardest thing of all.”
(Rose petals)

"Clarity is the hardest thing of all.”
(Steel wool-Black Walnut-Red cabbage)

"Clarity is the hardest thing of all.”
Violet infused vinegar)

"Clarity is the hardest thing of all.”
(Paper butterfly in a vase)

"Clarity is the hardest thing of all.”


Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The Thread Stone
Mother Metaphor
On Mothers day, a girl who reads our blogs wrote to Wendy Golden Levitt about what we mean to her.  It was a very fond, wonderful and tender letter about her life and feelings, and made me weep.  In one part, she told about collecting Mothers:

"i will collect many mothers. michelle, grace and you are my second and third and fourth mothers. i love this a lot. collecting mothers. i arrange what each of you mothers got in a soft bag  where i keep my special things. i put a flat rock from the lake with a different coloured thread around it. and i write down black for my real mother, orange is grace. yellow is michelle. blue is wendy. like that."
Inspired, I made this stone--giving Wendy three different blues because she shared the story, and I kept the birth mother black at the center, then yellow for me and orange for Grace Forest.  I saw as I was wrapping the thread that some strands had drifted, which gave me the idea of braiding them all together!
Now We Are One
May we be happy.
May we be free from suffering.
May our hearts be easy no matter what comes to us in life.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Today is the designate official 'Mothers Day', yet every day is Mothers day so long as women bear children  Would that it were universally so.  However, women are, and have always been our least honored resource world wide, and mothers, our least supported natural asset.  If I could speak to my own departed mother what would I say?
  Thank you.  Yes, thank you for my life.  I know it wasn't an easy birth, nor was I an easy child, easy adolescent or easy adult.  I know the hard details of your life before me and the rest of your life too.  But just now, right now, it's all simply memories, fading photographs, and mist.  I know we both did our best, so from this distance, I'm waving at you with love, unconditional and true.