Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Some years ago, on the day when we are asked to honor Veterans of war, I met Allan, an Air Force Veteran of the Vietnam years 1969 through 1974, and a native New York State resident who lived in Woodstock for fifty seven years, and found himself homeless in New York City. Details were scant. He said he was waiting for the Veterans hospital to open.

I did not ask his age or his last name.  He had stumbled on some discarded furniture and things, and had set up a curbside office where he was offering items for sale in a casual sort of way.
Must have been 4AM, when, sleepless, I had decided to walk around the neighborhood to relax.  When I encountered Larry, and once it was established I was not in the market to purchase anything and had nothing to sell, we had a conversation in which I asked whatever questions I thought were not too intrusive, and he volunteered what he wished to. He posed himself when asked if I could take a few picture.  I'd not seen him in the neighborhood before and haven't seen him since.

My Pledge
by Neil Young

There are a billion stories. I only see some. 
Here's three more.

 Every day he's here up against the wall with his home in the shopping cart. He spreads newspaper and curls up for an afternoon nap. He didn't want to say his name but he will accept a cup of coffee or a sandwich so long as you don't need to talk or need for him to. He doesn't beg in any systematic way, just leaves an empty cup nearby.
I only saw this man twice, always in the same place on 25th Street and looking severely tired out. When asked if he needed anything, he shook his head 'no' and turned away both times.
Two very different gents napping on a bench uptown on Broadway. They were there when I arrived at noon and still there when I left around three thirty. Conversation was inappropriate.

Post Script
(Pop-up-Shops appear mostly daily, and among several other sellers just outside the Post office on East 23rd Street.  Shifting groups but the same faces. They all live in the Shelter rooms right there in a building that used to be one of those infamous emergency welfare rooms whose Landlord had a 'deal' with the City that they would be paid $2000 a month per body. There was an investigation and recently our current Mayor has managed to get it under better control, or so it's said.  Too much else going on to allow me to keep track of this one. Once or twice I bought a VHS video from one or another of the several, but mostly none of them want to engage in anything more than business. Today there was only this one fellow. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


 While waiting for the cross town bus
East 72nd Street off Third Avenue
Two Cherubs
+ One Cherub
The facade
(next time I'll research this building)

On the Bus
with her person

Entering Central Park
Living Statue "Ballerinamime"
She has been working as a professional Ballerina living statue for over eight years.
(40 seconds)

The Boathouse Lake
where model boats are sailed
Friends  Rest
discuss their "Selfie" shot
Folks enjoy the day

The Bubble Man

Stephen Dncan

Naumberg Bandshell Central Park

 Great band "Suburban Sensi" Rocked
The Vigil 4 Peace and Ecology
(16th Year)
Spent most of my time there dancing, so photos are few.

Parrots for Peace
were working by perching on willing ones for photographs
Gloria Waslyn has been a successful career counselor, a long-time peace advocate, and a professional photographer; but her most important priority is to provide a comfortable and healthy living environment for her parrots who promote messages of peace. Indeed, campaigning for peace and the environment have been at the top of both Gloria’s and her parrot’s to-do list for nearly 20 years. The Parrots for Peace are the primary reason why she moved to the Woodstock area. Waslyn pursued this move from NYC seven years ago, and she and the birds now live in a house in which they feel safe and secure. They are also working towards the next steps in promoting peace, effecting equanimity with spirits as light as a feather, strong as a Buddhist mantra. The family’s origins began at the Urban Bird parrot store in SoHo 18 years ago, where Gloria chanced upon a female parrot who was then three months old, and immediately, she knew their paths had crossed for a reason. Waslyn promised the parrot that “I’d give her the best life I could so she could do the work she crossed my path to do: together, we would work to educate people that we are all inter-connected.” Waslyn named her Merlin, because she could “make the best kind of magic… to make children smile.”

Peace Performers

It's been a long day...

a very, very long day for all.

A child joins the last solo dance...
under a stunning sky.
In the finale we formed a huge Flag Circle--each took a flag--(I got Nambia)--each announced her/his Country and we circled waving through  
the band delivering a sing along "Give Peace a Chance". 

PS. the same child had to be convinced over and over that flags were not for attacking others, digging holes in cement or pole vaulting.


Sun sinking fast, we depart...Visited the drum circle but my camera battery had died so...

Take home 
(Recharged battery)
"Peacelights", Pin oak leaves and 'butter-n-eggs, "Rooted in Peace"

"Rooted in Peace"


Rain was predicted and the sky was dark.
I got ready to be within this rainy day in a rainy day way.
Then the sun came out, confusing me.

 Not that I expect the weather to fulfill my expectations.
I know it's not personal, so who am I to have expectations.
Warmth and light flooded the front room, I responded,
adjusting my sight and my attitude, shifting gears
just in time for light's demise again.
Meanwhile Mexico has had another earthquake 
Magnitude 7.1- 23 miles from Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico
2:14 PM

Full Story

'All Songs Considered'
"In a new video for Leonard Cohen's "Leaving The Table," an animated paper cutout of the late singer dances and flies over a city-scape of Montreal, free as a bird, untethered from the mortal world."I'm leaving the table," he sings as the animated Cohen spins, dips and flits by scenes from his past life. "I'm out of the game-I don't know the people- In your picture frame." It's a tribute that's both heartbreaking and beautiful, revealing an artist who left the world content that he'd lived every moment to his fullest."
"The video, conceived and directed by Christopher Mills, premiered at last night's Polaris Music Prize ceremony. "Leaving The Table" is from Cohen's You Want It Darker, released in October 2016, just days before the his death."

Monday, September 18, 2017


Leaf Letters and other Projects

Note to a Friend

"If you do anything out of sheer compassion,
you will never go wrong"

 "If we give happiness to others,
we will end up happy"

Smiley (TBA)
 Insect  (eventually)
 Happy dancing 1
 Happy dancing 2

Cats and Dogs (resurrected)

Saturday, September 16, 2017


by Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar
September 15th - October 8th
Tibet House
22 West 15th Street



The Face of the Buddha of Compassion


Khenpo Pema Wangdak with Sohnam...
with me too/

Calligraphic depictions of Buddhist Deities often serve as meditation tools

David Thurman introducing Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar
Coined "Daharma art" by the Tibetan Buddhist master, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, it is a linguistic dance of Buddhist images and elements--encompassing Buddhas body, spirit and mind. Jamyangs work stems from his deep devotion the the teachings of the Buddha and his love of the Tibetan language.

Khenpo Pema Wangdak

Two other Photographers

Beloved Regulars...
 and beautiful irregulars.

 Zeckendorf Towers

Stopping for Coffee at Irving Place


Tibet House Gallery Current Exhibition

Zeckendorf Tower