Sunday, April 22, 2012


What I did last night after supper:

Assembled Ingredients
black walnuts, variety of plant debris,
cotton sheeting-copper wire-pennies-tin cans
 Made Bundles
two tin cans together wrapped in copper wire
bundle #1
 attaching the rusty iron ring to one tin can
 bundle #2 almost ready
wrapping pennies
 like this
bundle #3
 three bundles ready when brew is ripe
Prepared The Brew
 plant debris dried and saved
 stinky, moldy once used black walnuts
brew begun
Slightly Nasty Odor
added two sprigs of red Eucalyptus
to sweeten the air for sensitive neighbors.
I might throw in some cumin in the end,
split the brew to two pots,
one with, and one without.
Then weeks of waiting for the surprise.


deanna7trees said...

what an adventure. the waiting is hard. i haven't done much dyeing lately. i have so many dyed pieces that i need to start using. can't wait to see your results.

Nancy said...

I'll wait with you!

Ms. said...

How nice to have company!

Deb G said...

Oh that looks like fun! Dyeing like this is always an adventure.