Monday, April 23, 2012


The Dye Bath
DAY #1
DAY #2
Also ripening
Where This Began

"Silent Retreat"
Ten line drawings 
to be worn as tags by ten  participants

Click on this last image to test out the new method
Nancy Erisman outlined for me so that the shots can be enlarged.


deanna7trees said...

will you be silent for ten days?

Nancy said...

Love the drawings...don't know if I could be silent :)

Nancy said...

Looks good!

Ms. said...

YAY--FROM NOW ON MY PHOTOGRAPHS WILL ALL BE CLICKABLE FOR ENLARGEMENT! THANK YOU NANCY And, by the way, I've been on two silent retreats, one a weekend and another a full week long one. It was an enlightening (lighter) time (both). After the long one I had trouble talking for awhile. i didn't want to talk.

jude said...

i'll be silent too then.