Sunday, May 12, 2013


Mother at
Thirty One Years Old

"Just stop for a minute and you'll realize you're happy just being.  I think it's the pursuit that screws up happiness.
If we drop the pursuit, it's right here."
James Hillman
gift from a friend
planted in the church garden today
After a fine Metric Poetry event
time spent with wonderful poet,
wickedly funny friend,
John Marcus Powell
amongst old trees at Tompkins Square,
where we spotted the hawk!
(that dark spot at center)
Like many others, I'm the only mother I have now.
Through the love others have given me and I have given them, through love of all the creatures, and gardens that fell to my care,
I've seen the light of true love:
love as a verb, a vibration, 
a way of being.
A twilight wind swept through giving voice to the leaves.
It was a lovely, lovely Mothers day. 


Nancy said...

So glad you had a nice day Michelle. The guy and I went to the ocean, to our spot for a brief time in the wind and fog. Then off to the nursery for 2 red geraniums and out for a bite to eat. Kids called late in the day, to end a lovely day.
And your right, love is a verb.

Anonymous said...

maybe we are in some ways ALWAYS the only mother we have?

P.S. I've read a couple of Hillman's books and love him - the idea that we are born with a daemon (gift/spirit) has been borne out by having children - seeing how imprinted they are the second they come into the world...

Yvette said...

love is a verb
and i love loving

michelle, i'm in love with all your dogs...the now dogs and the gone dogs
they have the same look as our sheepdogs ..
thanks for the links

we seem to have a lot in common
( if you start visiting the now reopened big museum in amsterdam...feel welcome to stay over...

Ms. said...

Just to clarify for Yvette and anyone else seeing the lowland sheep dogs in my side bar--those are NOT MY DOGS. They belong to a couple living in France known only to me as "the Font" and "Angus"--it's a blog I started with the bottom one WILF and when that dog dies, after a time, they started a new blog and awhile later got two new lowland sheep dog puppies BOB and SOPHIE...I love them. They post around 2-3 AM NY time because of the time zones...You should be able to go to either the old or new site by clicking on the images whick are linked to their sites.