Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Irony on 14th Street
Very likely a most useful placement.
East Village balcony Party
You climb out your window and call it a patio.

('Physician heal Thyself')

Sunday Brunch
Persian Cucumbers
Easy to make and delicious to Eat
Marinated in Rice Vinegar with Stevia

 Cucumbers and cream cheese on Toast
a favorite of mine.

English Plane Tree Bark
East 21st Street
Manhattan NY

Such beautiful patterns


"Rose Petals and Yogi Wisdom"
Returned from Australia

Temporary Placement at the end of Entrance Hall

Gifts from Mo




Came and Went while I wrapped packages and wrote cards ready for posting this week. I'm still finishing photo card projects, some promises way overdue. Center column top-Dad as a Telephone lineman in the late Thirties, Middle-Jude Hills jelly bean cloth framed without glass, Bottom At the Zendo (ten due). Left Column top-My shadow on two iron Rabbits in Massachusetts, Bottom-"Bruno" (friends dog). Right Column Top Edward Gorey image, Bottom-The printing on the back of a Zendo friends 'Rakasu.

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Mo Crow said...

so good to see your beautiful pennant & repaired promise ring has arrived back home, have added your photos to the ripple post