Friday, May 17, 2019


(Dusk this evening)
I've been swirling and unfocused, inundated with 
 too much alarming news on every front and its been building up since Mothers Day. I can't keep up, actually spent all of today in bed and woke at five p.m. unable to breathe, so printing this poem by Alexander Poesy to try to inject perspective on my current high anxiety:

There is more glory in a drop of dew,
That shineth only for an hour,
Than there is in the pomp of earth’s great Kings
Within the noonday of their power.

There is more sweetness in a single strain
That falleth from a wild bird’s throat,
At random in the lonely forest’s depths,
Than there’s in all the songs that bards e’er wrote.

Yet men, for aye, rememb’ring Caesar’s name,
Forget the glory in the dew,
And, praising Homer’s epic, let the lark’s
Song fall unheeded from the blue.

(6th Avenue and 23rd Street)
Feeling a bit like these dangling sneakers, suspended, waiting for the light to change from red to yellow to green. It seems about everyone I know has challenges and burdens hard to bear.
(The sun returns)

The Full blown panic attack has calmed.Various homeopathic remedies, herbals and neti pot + deep sleep till noon today did the trick. I am viable again. Still processing but stable.

Doves are flying.

Evening at the Brotherhood Synagogue where my neighbor, Sami Rose Katz had two roles in the spirited and marvelous production of "The Sound of Music"

The kids were a real lift to my spirit.
There was cake. 
Sugar-rush is wearing off just in time for bed.

Julie Andrews at 75 returns to the set with Dianne Sawyer
(19 minutes)



Mo Crow said...

I loved that movie when I was 10!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Wish I could have come over..just hung out with you