Sunday, September 13, 2020


September 13th 2020 and overcast day and cool. Exhausted by the real world conivances and consequences.
I walked out, Northward on 2nd Avenue to 30th Street, then Westward thinking I might shop at Trader Joe. The line was formidable so I just kept going West to Park Avenue and then South to 22nd Street where another market was uncluttered and had all I needed, then slowly back to 21st Street and up three flights to perform the cleaning of shoes, mask and gloves and all the new purchases before putting them away. Then Supper. That one shot of the house with the great wisteria where I paused and imagined living there high up. Birds were twittering their evening messages within it's bounty and the air spoke to me of fast approaching Fall.
My friend Grace Forest is safe enough for now. Evacuated with all her critters to a place near Paradise then to her doughters at Oroville. I am doing a rain dance for them, for the great trees, the wildlife and for all the exhausted fire fighters. Goodnight

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