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Evidence Published
The chimpanzee's genus, Pan
diverged from the Gorilla's genus
about seven million years ago.
 The chimpanzee line split
from the last common ancestor of the human line 
 approximately six million years ago.
 Bonobo and Common Chimpanzee species
separated from each other
less than one million years ago 

Both chimpanzee species are the closest living relatives of humans

The Mind of an Ape 
book by David and Ann James Premack
The authors argue that it is possible
to teach language to (non-human) Great Apes.

"We now know that someone
who comprehends speech
must know language
even if he or she cannot produce it."

 Primate Cognition 
The cognitive abilities of non-human primates.

 Human Being
 Traditionally,  thought to be different from other animals but,
humans are primates too.
 have a look
The Declaration of Human Rights
Currently proposed to be granted to several species of apes.

  "Origin of man now proved. Metaphysic must flourish.
He who understands baboon would do more for metaphysics than Locke."
-Charles Darwin
Janet Browne of Harvard delivered this lecture in August 
Looking at Darwin
in regards to his fame  
a short film (38 Minutes-35 Seconds)
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Language itself is a Metaphor
 Excerpt from an Essay
Owen Barfield
(9 November 1898 – 14 December 1997)
British philosopher, author, poet, and critic.
 "'Spiritus in Latin meant originally blowing, or wind.
But when the principle of life within man or animal had to be named,
its outward sign, namely the breath of the mouth,
was naturally chosen to express it.
Hence in Sanskrit asu, breath and life; in Latin spiritus, breath and life.
Again, when it was perceived that there was something else to be named,
not the mere animal life, but that which was supported by this animal life,
the same word was chosen to express the spiritual as opposed to the mere material or animal element in man.
All this is a metaphor.

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Here is

Pure Animal Pleasure 
a charming film about companionship  - (3 minutes + 58 seconds)
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