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"The earth and myself are of one mind"
- Chief Joseph - Hinmaton-yalatkit -

An interesting mythological story about whales and dolphins concerns a tribe in west Africa called the Dogon of Mali. The Dogon, whose culture is alive and well today, at one time lived on the southern coast of the Mediterranean. They have many religious and creation beliefs which very much involve the whales and dolphins. They have perpetuated these beliefs in their religious ceremonies and in the form of sand drawings.

In their basket weavings they had 50.8 divisions, the reason for which is that they had quite specific knowledge of the Sirius star system which is a binary star system. They understood how Sirius B, the white dwarf, moved around the main bright star Sirius A. They used sand drawings to illustrate the orbital paths of the stars. The white dwarf Sirius B takes 50.8 years to complete an orbit of Sirius A. The Dogon knew this.

In the 1950's a British astronomer named Robert Temple was traveling on a plane across the Atlantic. Sitting beside him was Arthur C. Clark. Robert Temple began to tell Arthur C. Clark about the new knowledge of the Sirius star system provided by the advancing technology of radio astronomy.

Sirius B, the white dwarf, is not visible using a telescope whereas radio astronomy allows one to hear Sirius B. Arthur C. Clark simply said to Temple, "You would be interested in the Dogon." Richard Temple began research on the Dogon and discovered how much knowledge the Dogon had of the Sirius Star System. He then went on to spend seven years of his life with the Dogon and wrote a book called 'The Sirius Mystery'.

When Temple went to meet the Dogon he asked, "How did you get this knowledge?" The Dogon's answer was very simple. 
They said

"These creatures came from the star Sirius landed in the ocean and were in the form of amphibians, whales and dolphins. 
They gave us the knowledge about the Sirius star system."

Then Temple asked, "What else did they tell you?" The Dogon replied, "They told us the story of life on Earth." And their story of life on Earth was as follows: There are three energies on the Planet Earth, Nomo, O Nomo and Ogo the unfinished species. Nomo the small whales or dolphins would be the messengers, announcing the time of the sacrifice.
O Nomo, the great whales, the masters of the water, would be sacrificed for the purification and the re-organisation of the planet, allowing completion. That was their story.

Only Sirius A is visible to the human eye. It is in fact the brightest star in the sky. Sirius B is known to us only through listening carefully with a radio telescope. We listen for stars!

-The Oceania Project-
Established in 1988, The Oceania Project is an independent, non-profit research organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and the oceans.

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