Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Life It Self
By Ms. 

There's always war somewhere -
in the the body politic, or that body there.
Something wants what some one, or some thing
has possession of - that has a truthful ring.

The peace of a full belly, or a conquered hill,
of someone bending to an others will,
or death, when pulse ceases to insist,
is all the peace there is - the ultimate kiss.

This soil on which we play
accomplishing our lay,
worms soon aerate.
Here is every thing's fate.
What's green now, growing above
the bounds of seed, is living love.

A dove calling to its mate,
hungry barn cats coming late
to a benefactor's generous plate,
turn to where a bird is sure to sate
hunger.  Each day rises from night
to the light, always to the light.

Desire, the hunt, and all this war,
the what-we-do till we are no more,
till we are no more than memory
absorbed into a vaster sea -

our need - a vector,
a bee's thirst for nectar.

We, the least of all creations,
with our avarice,
codes, and nations,
are collectively, a temporary guest,
no different from the rest,
except for conscience,
and the consequence.

Song Of Fraternization
from Mother Courage
by Bertolt Brecht

When I was only seventeen
the foe came to our land
and laying aside his saber
he took me gently by the hand

First came the May Day rite 
then came the May Day Night 

The pipes did play -the drums did beat
 Our foes parade down every street 
and then with us they took their ease
 and fraternized beneath the trees


 Our foes they came in plenty- 
a cook was my own foe
I hated him by daylight,
but in the night I loved him so.



"In molecular biology, a vector is a DNA molecule used as a vehicle to transfer foreign genetic material into another cell.
The four major types of vectors are plasmids, viruses, cosmids, and artificial chromosomes.
Common to all engineered vectors are an origin of replication, a multi cloning site, and a selectable marker."


deanna7trees said...

how wonderful that you are able to put your thoughts down in such a beautiful way. i love that image at the top.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Thanks Deanna-
The performance was quite good, all of us came up to that level of let-go that makes it live. After. there was wine and a slow bus home in the sudden rain. Lovely.