Saturday, August 13, 2011


And You Can Be  A Part Of  It



jude said...

i do

deanna7trees said...

yay...and you get to experience a free stitching workshop with Jude.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

To illustrate my point, I have decided I will change the color every now and then, and re-post at random. I hope to share this generosity with many. Not only is it a free workshop (we all thank Jude), but it packs a wallop of spirit lift, human connection, and the rare opportunity to give back to the world while learning and creating, It just couldn't be a better gift. REAL MAGIC IS ALIVE. It reminds me of this powerful song I haven't listened to for a decade, but I found it on You Tube:
Buffy Sainte-Marie found and admired this passage in Leonard Cohen's second novel, "Beautiful Losers". While visiting Leonard one day, she sang it to him. First released as part of her pioneering album, "Illuminations," this song was recorded anew for Buffy's "Up Where We Belong" recording. A Cree songwriter born in Saskatchewan, Buffy has long been a devoted social activist, a voice for Native rights, founder of the Cradleboard Teaching Project, star on Sesame Street, and an artist exploring her work through modern digital media. For many years, unknown to her, Buffy's work was blacklisted and denied radio play as a result of pressure from government representatives in the United States during the 1970s. She later won an Academy Award for the song, "Up Where We Belong". Her latest work, a 'comeback' album of sorts, is called "Running For The Drum". I know of few artists who possess the grace and fire of Buffy Sainte-Marie.

MulticoloredPieces said...

I've enjoyed reading your very thoughtful blog. Interesting that you mentioned EM Forester in one of your posts. I've got a marvelous quote from him that I'm itching to work into an art quilt. Thanks for sharing.
best, nadia