Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The Beholder
Reading the New York Times Book Review
 "The I Of The Beholder"
by Nicholas Humphrey
Sunday July 31, 2011
"Perplexities Of Consciousness"

by Eric Schwitzgebel
"A philosopher argues that we have a poor understanding of our conscious experience."  
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  "At 'The Tin Pan', a wharf restaurant jutting out into the the Hudson river
at 26th Street.  A large black cloud obscures the sunset I've come to see,
but streaks of color leak through."
"I've found a side table near the front, and close to the water, out of traffic.
The buzz of others talk still reaches me with specific phrases gaining prominence."
"A helicopter passes over, briefly dominating the scene.
Night is coming on fast. The lights over in Jersey are becoming prominent."
 A Summer weekend ends here, with folks clutching at the last moments,
reaching for one more chance at the golden ring of something promised, 
for a little more time before necessity returns them to lives, where,
even the passionately ambitious know pressures waiting to knock that wind
out of each sail.  Nearby small sloops are moored,
bobbing on the undulating waves."
 "An odor of French fries and pungent seared meat drifts my way.
It was here, I recall, that Pete Seeger celebrated a birthday two years ago,
when folk tunes were sung in unison with a very different crowd.
 Now, the wharf itself sways."
 "I close my notebook, make my way out to 12th Avenue, and head home."

Pete Seeger at 'The Tin Pan'
May 2009

January 18, 2009
Pete joined Bruce Springstein, grandson Tao Rodriguez-Seeger,
and the crowd, in singing the Woody Guthrie song "This Land Is Your Land"
at the finale of Barack Obama's Inaugural concert in Washington, D.C. 
The performance was noteworthy for the inclusion of two verses,
one about a 'private property' sign the narrator cheerfully ignores,
and the other making a passing reference to a Depression-era relief office.


jude said...

notebooks. mine are loose paper scraps but once in a while i put them in some kind of order. just for a moment or 2.

deanna7trees said...

'the beholder'--the physicists say that sometimes we see what we expect to see and not necessarily what is actually there. we are not to be trusted.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Dear Jude-the notebooks pictured here happen to be one I take back and forth to my writing group on the left...and you might notice the yellow post notes attached...On the right was a writing tablet I carried over to the river so I'd have a writing surface, but rest assured, there are a zillion scraps of paper, some that get taped or stapled in to whatever notebook I'm using...and I use many of different sizes and shapes, tending to grab whichever is nearest. Sometimes a story starts in one and finishes somewhere else. Much is lost and enough is found.

Dear Deannna- The physicists are talking about the limitations of our instrument. it's just a fact. And who knew that the light of the stars that reach us today are the history of the universe from billions of years back before the Astronomers understood that...so we can think when we look at the night sky that we are seeing into our past. And all these understandings fuel the creative fire, make connections at the emotional level, tickle the keys.