Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mammalian Muse Thursday HOMO IGNITEUS

Mammalian Muse

"Fire is such a defining feature of humans,
and we are the only animals that use fire.
We could have been called Homo igniteus
as much as Homo sapiens."

And The fires of my heart are banked
My countrymen disappoint me
With Hubris of political strife
antithesis of life-

Turn, turn away to an inner core
Spin with the spiders, commune with birdsong
It won't be long before the swell
washes all our fools away-
by Ms.

September's Baccalaureate
 A combination is Of Crickets - Crows - and Retrospects
And a dissembling Breeze
That hints without assuming
An Innuendo sear
That makes the Heart put up its Fun
And turn Philosopher.
by Emily Dickinson 

Florence and The Machine

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