Saturday, September 24, 2011

Silent Muse Saturday - FALL FEELINGS and FALL GOOD READS

Silent Muse
 The face of the Moon partially seen one September night
on a lake where crickets and cicadas played their last
passionate symphony of the Season:

Crickets and Cicadas
 46 seconds

Hand Sawed Kindling
For Roger Latour

For Richard Loder

 Ode to Oak
For Jude Hill

Maple Leaf
For Judy Martin

Asters Abound
For Jennifer Scanlon

Shivering Leaves
For Joanne Stekler

Unripe Poke Berries
for Wendy Videlock

Wild Grass
for Grace Forrest Maestas

Here Comes October
for Deanna Cohen

Comfort Within
For All Beings

Reading Recommendations
From NPR...
Because today begins the celebration of National Banned Books week
be sure to get a copy of Mark Twain's sly framing
of the Adam and Eve story "Eve's Diary"
just returned to Charlton MA shelves after 105 year absence...

You can read it on line
or download it for free at the Guttenberg Project


Nancy said...

What wonderful fall photos! And the kitty makes me want to curl up with a good book :)

PS I still don't 'get' any of your audio/videos! Ugh!

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Oh Nancy..what a pity about the videos..try talking directly to your provider. If you have only dial up, it might always be impossible. But I just added in the complete text and pictures from Mark Twain's "Eve's Diary" have another look and I'm pretty sure the link will work for you to access that at the Guttenberg Project site.

jude said...

welcome back. thank you

deanna7trees said...

ah yes, October. I remember October--the month when it is supposed to be cooling down and when it sometimes rains. I'm hoping this October will be like those in the past.