Thursday, October 6, 2011


Good Read Muse

My friend, and often pro-bono editor
Patricia Russo
has just had a sterling collection of her short stories
published by Papaveria Press

"She is that rarest of authors: she has no website, no blog,
nothing on the internet to indicate she even exists,
except for a trail of fiction that reveals
the prolific and generous writer behind the name."
 Here is an interview and some bonus stories that
Do not appear in this book!

"Shiny Thing"
is as prolific in its offerings as is its author
 -nineteen stories in all-
I read the last story first:

Frank and Stephanie and Jimmie Popcorn 

"People traveled to the Endless Land  for many reasons,
but most of the reasons boiled down to a single desire--
to find a flake or drop or shard-sliver of hope."

Here are the final lines:

"Travel With kindness, and keep your smiles alight.
Our world is hard, but there is still beauty in it."

As in life-expect the bitter and the sweet.
No darkness without light--No light if not for the dark.

I suggest you begin at the beginning:
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MulticoloredPieces said...

You have such a variety of interesting things on your blog. Enjoyed the Richard Dawkins Xmas lectures among others. You're so right about being overwhelmed by the world. I think part of it must be the amount of information available to us, which can be seen as both a miracle and a curse.
best, nadia

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Your comment seems to refer to another post, not this one. Glad you're visiting, however. I hope you continue to, and that you give "Shiny Thing" a look. The stories are tasty, and can be sampled in small bites,so useful for some long nights when inspiration, mystery and wonder are wanting.