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David Stone Martin's illustration of Fanny Brice in the role of Baby Snooks

Turn on the radio and listen to

Baby Snooks

A fond childhood memory for me,
as are many of that era's radio programs.
We listened to the radio exclusively
till our first television appeared
in the early 1950's.
I'm still a fan of the 'disembodied voice'.
It leaves imagination free to wander.
The program launched on CBS in 1944,
moved to NBC in 1948.
Called Post Toasties Time 
(for the show's first sponsor),
it was renamed The Baby Snooks Show,
though in later years,
it was often known colloquially as
Baby Snooks and Daddy.

I think we had this LP

And One More

Fanny Brice
The stage name of Fania Borach,
born 1891 in New York City, the third child
of relatively well-off saloon owners
of Hungarian Jewish descent.
In 1908, Brice dropped out of school to
work in a burlesque revue.  Two years later
she was headlining in the Ziegfeld Follies.
 The original Second Hand Rose,
her career spanned theater, radio, records,
film, and a few television appearances too.
Read the details here

She died in Hollywood in 1951.

Theater History
Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love

One of her famous skits from Broadway
in the movie "Everybody Sing".
Judy Garland and Allan Jones pop up in the middle.

Quainty Dainty Me

Fanny was an attractive and graceful woman, although she played up her faults onstage
for comic effect.
She was also brilliant, and that translated onstage into comic genius.

It's Gorgeous To Be Graceful

"Let the world know you as you are,
not as you think you should be, because sooner or later,
if you are posing, you will forget the pose,
and then where are you?"

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deanna7trees said...

ha. baby snooks is what i was called by my dad. we listened to the radio shows as well. we were the last to get a tv sometime in the 50s. i have a little picture album my dad made of me and on the cover, it say 'Baby Snooks'. thanks for the memories.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Dear Snooks--there were better live broadcasts at You Tube but they wouldn't let me "share"--One or two of them are ones I remember, as you might too--

Nancy said...

Deanna that is so sweet! I'm on the young end to remember too much about radio shows, but I do remember Fanny Brice!
My dad used to always joke around saying, "The shadow knows" in a spooky voice! I guess he liked that show.