Friday, November 11, 2011


Feather Muse 2
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Only a Mother Could Love
The Noisy Friar Bird
I do! I do!
Philemon Corniculatus is very talkie
It made me laugh--Listen
click here
The vocal clip accompanied a lovely set of photos
from Kaite yesterday over at her blog

Laughter #2
 That thrift bargain "raw silk" is not--perhaps it's some sort of linen.

While my attention was drawn somewhere else, the pot burned.
Anthe odor of burning leaves woke me from my stupor.
 I saved the pot and garment
there is a hole at the hem.
 I considered making similar holes, stitching the openings round each one with colorful thread.  Then I considered appliqueing a border of colorful fabric across the hem, and matching it on the hem of each sleeve.
I also considered shortening the length to save myself labor.
I have done nothing yet.
 The subtle patterning the twisting and tying effected is nice enough.
It was the third go round for that batch of dye, after all.

Laughter #3
This was actually just A smile
so I'm using it as an umbrella.


jude said...

look at the last picture in this post, the burned hole as a frame...

kaiteM said...

i'd be making more holes and stitching around them.
and i must be the friar bird's mum cause i just love them, looks and calls. I've often been alone in the bush but then the friar bird calls to me and all is well. i think they're one of my most favourite birds.

your shirt might be a form of synthetic. try a burn test on a tiny bit - if it forms a hard black melted ball which you can't crush then it's synthetic .

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Mother nature loves her creatures and so do I, I'm one of them. I hope I made it clear that there was no love lost by the fact that the birds call made me laugh, that I think it's visage is both strange and PERFECT. DOES NO ONE HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR? I often laugh at my own image for Pete's sake (whoever Pete was)--Maybe it's the full moon or Mercury retrograde--

Have made no decisions about the shirt since I'm too busy otherwise to actually do anything on it, I'm leaning toward more burn holes and stitching. The burn hole didn't bubble up and harden, and I don't think it's synthetic. The fibers tightened with the boiling (meant to be simmering) so it's likely to be Linen or a linnen wool blend.