Monday, November 7, 2011


Music Muse

 The Secret Of Light
by James Wright

"It is all right with me to know
that my life is only one life.
I feel like the light of the river Adige."

The whole prose poem is music.
Read it here
1000 Light Years From Home
A psychedelic Memory of Light

A Child Speaks
Addressing the United Nations
on the Environment, her words enlighten.

Latcho Drom

A film about the journey of the Romani people
told through musicians and dancers
of India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania,
Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Spain.
 Without subtitle there is still a narrative,
and so much amazing music-
a bountiful feast of lyric, light, and love. 

Each of the eight segments is between 10 and 15 minutes,
so you may watch (beautiful visuals),
or just listen at your own pace.

Thanks to Rima Stains,
whose compassionate, well researched, informative essay
is timely reminder of the beauty of all those
whose home is the road, and all that we, and they are losing.
Visit The Hermitage to read it:
( )

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