Saturday, November 5, 2011


Silent Muse
Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time
The practice of changing clocks is not observed
in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam,
Porto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or Arizona.
 You Might choose a Change To
Mecca Time
read about it Here

Saving Daylight
by Ms.

When we dutifully turn back the clocks-
  there's a subtle ripple of shocks.

I say - so what if every thing's in hock-
  and old "hickory-dickory-dock"

 Sometimes reads "dock-dickory-hickory"-
   and, what rhymes with hickory?

Seriously, must we all charge off to the forum-
 to supply it's necessary quorum?

What systems are dependent on our accommodation-
   agricultural or industrial?--to benefit what Nation?

For Rome it was the question of law, universal-
  tributes arriving on time. no delay, or reversal.

Each month was named for numbers, one through ten-
   oh, but not enough months for a real year!  So then,
A plan was devised--deftly insert two more without fuss-
  each Caesar got one: July for Julius & one for Augustus.

The *Julian Calendar was born, and spread, like Rome-
  over the known world, increasing land to call home.

I want to know the reasons to save this hour, friend-
   since it never did, and never will pay any dividend.

It's only natural that nights grow long, and days are short-
   this red-herring, time-change, is cruel sport.

Calendars will come, and calendars will go-
   our only task, is to follow the flow.

Heart beats in blood are the true test of time-
   yours and mine - mortal - fleeting - fine.

Why We Do It
Read a little history

We All Fall Back
Sunday November 6, 2011
at 3 AM 
(set clocks back 1 hour)

Now Winter Comes
A Magnificent Sand Animation
by Ferenc Caco

No Wonder the wood stacked, close gathering of friends,
varied, elaborate holiday celebrations worldwide,
burning candles through long, dark nights,
till Spring melts into our world again.


deanna7trees said...

Vivaldi Four Seasons is one of my favorites. will be listening to that over and over for a while. and changing the clocks has no real effect on me.

kaiteM said...

we're in daylight "saving" time now, tho really daylight wasting time for me. i welcome the change back to Real Time but that won't happen until March for us.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

I'm very fond of Vivaldi too, and I just love seeing the artist's hand creating the story in real time. Sand Animation is a moving art form. I welcome the seasons, and can't imagine living without them, in a different clime. They mark the passage of time for me. But the poem I wrote was for a more political group, and the reasons we have Daylight Saving time, it's origins in the Roman Empire, was what was being referenced in a semi-satirical way.