Wednesday, November 9, 2011

World Muse Wednesday WHAT A WORLD-WHAT A WORLD

World Muse

"My sense of the holy, insofar as I have one, is bound up with the hope that someday, any millennium now, my remote descendants will live in a global civilization
in which love is pretty much the only law.
In such a society, communication would be domination-free, class and caste would be unknown, hierarchy would be a matter of temporary pragmatic convenience, and power would be entirely at the disposal of the free agreement of a literate and well-educated electorate.”
Might Look Like This
 Immense Murmuration of Starlings
and a single falcon over
Gretna, Scotland
 Or Like This
Excerpt from a larger group of videos focused on flight paths of urban birds. The flights are in real time but heavily processed in after effects using the echo filter.
 Or like This Glorious Moment in the Scottish Isles
November 2011
The birds fly in flocks and try to fly exactly like the one next to them. The result is remarkable.
Posted at The Fifth Element
Occupy Your Spirit
And It Could Look Like This
"This isn’t what democracy looks like, for that word is,
like socialism, terminally co-opted by the manufacturers of consent.
This is libratory sweetness, this the unguilded uprising of the spirit, this is dissent, dulcet toned and angry in the service of love.
It looks pretty good from here inside the plaza, and I trust it looks just as bright from the plaza inside yourself, the space within you where those notions are also awakening and stretching their infinite limbs into what,
a mere month ago, was impossible."

Brandon Lorber broadcasts live every Thursday night.
 -The whole piece contains a full text and two more videos-
Graham Nash and David Crosby
Sang Tuesday at Liberty square and interview
on Keith Oberman's broadcast

Troubles In Paradise
Mayors weigh in across the Country



Judy Martin said...

I love looking at the murmerations of starlings that you posted here.

Never cease to be amazed by that phenomena.

Many thanks.

deanna7trees said...

re: HOPE. maybe we are only here until we have developed that within us and then there is no reason to return.

Nancy said...

Michelle...yea!!! I love the murmerations as you know and just the other day I was searching for the one filmed by the two gals on the water. I finally gave up. I'm so glad you posted this one especially! :)

deanna7trees said...

every time i see the video of the starlings it makes me remember how little we know about everything.