Thursday, December 15, 2011


Rain and reading before the light arrives.  The Writers Almanac delivers a history of the constitution and who did and did not want it to include a bill of rights.  Occupy Wall Street shows me pictures at once terrifying and illuminating of spirited singing protests accompanied by police brutality (including a concussion). There is a brand new publication on theory - Tidal - that wants contributions for future issues.  Dear Wilf the Pon  has a nap while a storm rages over France and firemen visit for a drink.  Jackie Morris is suffering a lot of broken bits (computer, camera, and car clutch) while she struggles in a new medium for her most brilliant art, and Terri Windling is grateful in Arthur Rackhams wood, offering quotes on Community for thoughtful readers.  Book Tryst has an in depth, including photographs, about an amazing Burroughs collection, while The Well Read Wife brings me an Edition of Treasure Island, and History Girls sends another snow story.  Kaite Yarngarden is disclosing the secrets of shadow knitting today. I have 6 more SPAM emails for the post I'm planning (been photographing them every day or two before "deleting forever").  Two made it to my inbox.  I notice that the last two posts I did were repeats, one with additions, and realize again the limited nature of attention (mine) when things and folks seem overwhelming.  i have a performance tonight and will have to rally my focus and forces.  And so the day begins, and I march grudgingly and joyfully (split brain and slapdash) onward.

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deanna7trees said...

funny. the video and the fact that, to this day, when i see the word 'spam', i still think of the food, despite the fact that i've never eaten it. we ought to start reading it backwards. maps are much more interesting.