Saturday, December 3, 2011

Extra Muse Friday IT CHEERS MY HEART

 Extra Muse
"Oh the caged bird dreams of freedom."
It cheers my heart to know that one of the finest Economists still living, writing, and making sense
out of all the nonsense, is listening to this,
of which he says:
"I always feel a bit guilty about listening to The Civil Wars — shouldn’t music be a bit more difficult, not so gorgeous? But sometimes you really need a hit of sheer uplift; and after a day at the Group of 30, I definitely do--And yes, the song is definitely Christian music. That’s fine with me;
you take beauty where you find it."
And I say:
Just think about all the many meanings of the word

while you listen with him.

"Oh, the caged bird dreams of freedom."

Silent Saturday 
sort of

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