Friday, December 9, 2011


Feather Muse

Here, a short  story about
the decision I made concerning the eye,
that now requires more work before
my first feather patch is ready to fly away,
and a little poem about stitching feelings. 

The Eye or Not The Eye
  It was ready to be stitched
Then I looked closely, and thought about it,
thought about it in relation to kids I know,
and the kid I was a long time ago.
I thought it might be scary,
and that If I include an eye in this piece,
I want to be very precise about the expression.
I'm considering kids fears and feelings.
A whole face might be a friendly comfort,
but a big disembodied left eye?
Maybe not.
 I like the eye a whole lot,
but decided to remove it from this patch.
I'll save it for another project.
Then the eyebrow was still there in stitches.
So - now - just the moon, the Buddha planet,
and peace sign, on a new backing cloth
(I had no more of that other one).
To be completed  a rainbow,
and perhaps the feather's string
might wind around the moon to cover the join .
A little more time, then, 
before it goes to join the others.
Late last night the moon found a face.
 Early this morning a rainbow began.
I must admit it's got difficult, and latent arthritis
has been cramping my thumb to complicate things,
 but, this whole process makes me admire
truly accomplished 'stitchers' even more!


 Stitch that grumble  to a cloth
of sighs.  Let them tumble
one by one. Stay humble.

When a seam falls apart,
or loose stitches unravel,
let the slow needle travel.

Cover gaps in thatches,

colorful patterned patches.
Add haiku snatches,

a worn truism.
Choose words of wisdom.
Encourage optimism.

In darkness, add light.

Make day from night,
and keep it bright.

Let the eye see
how a thing can be
perpetually set free.

It need not be slick.
Let edges fray.  Quick-
give it away to finish the trick.



jude said...

the feathers over here, long to touch yours.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the process
is tenderly, wonderfully, intensely
beautiful to see here...just thank
you...a lot.
and i need to go back and re see it
all now....
just Great, Michelle, the All of it,
including my mind seeing You, holding it, stitching.....
oh, yes.......

deanna7trees said...

love the eye, but i see your point. the moon face is wonderful and is perfect where it is place. enjoyed your poem.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Well, well, well! 5:30 PM now, I've been vigorously working for the past four and a half hours in the three gardens I do for the church around the corner--lugging 50 pound bags of red cedar mulch around, cutting back spent growth, saving some seeds in paper bags to spread in the spring, saving some orange flower heads still blooming for dye bundles, moving pots to sheltered places, and sweeping it all up into two giant bags for disposal. My hands ache and my heart is full of satisfaction--but to come home to such generous,encouraging and tender thoughts from you three is a real treat. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for who you are. hot bath and supper time:-)