Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mammal Muse Thursday RETURN #2 THINGS GLEANED

Mammal Muse
"Those who wish to sing always find a song."

Treasures From My Trip
A crafts gift shop reflecting
 one glorious late November day
where spiders never rest
A Porcelain Moon
Gourd Art
Beautiful Pottery and Jewelry
Each customer is given the choice
of one free essential oil or soap
I chose one oil and bought two
very pure and potent scents
(only $4 each)
Next I'll make little gifts of blended
and almond-oil extended
(I've been saving bottles)

Dyeing Projects

From the shed of my country friend
this lovely rusty piece of hardware
From the forest
Hemlock and cones
Hulled walnuts
(Only a sledge hammer opens these, but squirrels
do fine with their teeth. We left hundreds for them)
I will use them all in a cloth dyeing bundle

Now Picture Trees
Randomly planted everywhere that looks bare
by an anonymous gardener

Locust pods
Close up of the seeds
Catalpa pods
Close up seeds

Happy Feet 
headed home

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Stay tuned for
Feather Muse Friday


deanna7trees said...

enjoyed the pictures. cute shoes.

Nancy said...

Love the lighting on your photos! Glad you're happily heading (or arrived) home!