Sunday, December 18, 2011


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A Book Of Poems
"Circle's Apprentice"
by Dan Beachy-Quick  
“that our life is an apprenticeship to the truth,
that around every circle another is drawn;
that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning;

that there is always another dawn risen, mid-noon,
and under every deep a lower deep opens.”  
Illuminating Exposition and Critique
by Alexis Orgera
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View the feather patches from this worldwide circle of fabric-artists arriving to form quilts for kids which she will assemble, integrating the individual expressions to form several harmonious, gorgeous patchwork quilts.
  A giving-back project-you can join in

through December 31st 2011
The Magic Feather Project
Magic Feather Project

Mathematics and Beauty
Participants: Eva Brann, Brian Greene, Mario Livio,
Barry Mazur, Elaine Scarry

"...And certainly the ancient tradition is that circles are the most beautiful objects in the world - I began to think about what makes them beautiful. I’ll only give the last one of my conclusions - one of the beauties of a circle is that if you sit around it everybody’s equal, and King Arthur’s Round Table was established for that purpose, so that all the knights should be the same - that is one of the beauties of a circle;  every place on it is, as is often said in the literature, beginning and end at once -  it has a determinable center, just one, and there are dozens and dozens of other good characteristics that it has." 
Philoctetes Roundtable
Two Hour Video

Harry Chapin
Live in Germany on April 12, 1977
All my life's a circle,
sunrise and sundown
Moon rolls through the night-time
till the daybreak comes around
All my life's a circle I can't tell you why
Seasons spinning round again,
the years keep rolling by

Seems like I've been here before,
I well remember when
I've got a funny feeling that we'll all be together again
No straight lines make up my life,
all my roads are bends
There's no clear-cut beginning
and so far no dead ends

I've found you a thousand times,
I know you've done the same
Then we lose each other, it's like a children's game
If I find you here again
the thought comes through my mind
Life is like a circle,
let's go round one more time


*jean* said...

and don't forget miss joni mitchell circle game...xoxo merry merry to you!

deanna7trees said...

great post. love the idea of no beginning or end. nice to hear Harry Chapin again.

jude said...

so many circles to choose from. no end no beginning. and i am actually becoming quite dizzy.

Nancy said...

Great post Michelle. Thanks for the Harry video, I somehow don't remember this song, but I really liked it :)
I gave my grandson this book last year:

Yes the round table is made for peaceful interactions! This book showed it as well.