Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Primate Muse Tuesday THE REST IS SILENCE

Primate Muse



The Anatomy Of A Mime
An Illustrated Essay written and read by a group of 8th grade Students.  It won Regional competitions and went on to State competition. They compiled the video with photographs and clips from You Tube

Pieces of Performance


jude said...


Nancy said...

Well, oh, Mmmm...
I so wish my mom was here to share this video with. We shared love of MM and the teacher in us so appreciates the wonderful work of young students. Their young voices, so sure and charming.
As for MM- well even more so my hero. What a great man.
Also big fans of Buster and Charlie, my mother and I. Thank you for a great reminder Michelle.
My favorite quote of his:
"It's good to shut up sometimes."

Folk Heart said...

Well, I never! I truly had no idea, and yet I have always been such a big fan, and to this day, his sense of style is the one I have adopted and which has endured through my 60 years. I knew he was an extraordinaty artist, but had no idea he painted. I only knew I loved his sense of humor, never what a true humanitarian he was.

Kudos to these wonderful, expressive and creative students and to their fabulous teachers. What a wonderful post...as always!

deanna7trees said...

a wordless wonder.
i will be quieter this year.

*jean* said...

amazing...thank you! and i LOVE your blue header, it's just gorgeous!! happy t day, a little late!