Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Primate Muse Tuesday TIME FOR A PRIMAL DANCE

Primate Muse

Wednesday, January 11th
DJ Spooky is throwing a party at
(work in progress)
34 Vandam Street
The People’s Library of Occupy Wall Street
will set up a mobile unit, so you can
take a book or leave a book while you dance.

For those of you unfamiliar with DJ Spooky
aka That Subliminal Kid
aka Paul Miller
he is a Washington DC-born electronic and experimental hip-hop musician, a turn-tablist,
producer, philosopher, and author.
He borrowed his stage name from the character The Subliminal Kid in the novel "Nova Express"
by William S. Burroughs.
Doors open at 10pm
 The Event is Free

Take a look at this lecture
It's illuminating
1 Hour
About the history of media, thoughts about media in culture. He discusses and demonstrates the unexpected side effects of free speech,
law, and copyright while showing
the power of remixed art.

Salt Satyagraha
A Cut from the Album
"The Secret Song" 
A relentless questioning of what experimental hip hop is about:
pushing boundaries, looking at global changes in hip hop and jazz, and above all building bridges through collaboration.
Iran, India, China, and the Republic of New York figure prominently.
 It's Relationship to History
Mahatma Gandhi and his associates - Sarojini Naidu and others - during the salt satyagraha (salt march), March and April 1930


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