Sunday, January 22, 2012


Spirit Muse Sunday

Ricard Matthieu
After training in biochemistry at the Institute Pasteur, Matthieu Ricard left science behind to
move to the Himalayas and become a Buddhist monk--to pursue happiness at the basic human level, and as a subject of inquiry. Achieving happiness, he has come to believe, requires the same kind of effort and mind training that
any other serious pursuit involves.

A Guide To Developing
Life's Most Important Skill
Each video runs from 5 to 10 minutes.

They can be sampled like chapters in a book.
Each is accompanied by his
magnificent photographs.

Part 1 of 17
What Makes Life Worth Living?
Part 2
Happiness and Outer Circumstances
Part 3
Happiness and Outer Circumstances-continued
Part 4
States of Mind That Distort Reality
 Part 5
What Is Happiness?
Part 6
Cultivating Positive Emotions
Part 7
Basic Awareness
Part 8
Mind Training
Part 9
Difficult Emotions
Part 10
Difficult Emotions-continued
Part 11
The Concept Of Self
Part 12
The Concept Of Self-continued
Part 13
Elements Of True Happiness
Part 14
Real Happiness Has Depth
Part 15
Part 16
Meditation Guide
Part 17
Science Of Meditation

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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i am listening to no. 4.
it must be no easy task to
arrange this here for Us...and i
thank you for it.
love to you,

deanna7trees said...

i sure hope lots of people listen to these tapes and benefit from them. this is the kind of teaching that should be done in schools. i really like when he says: "we are like a pauper who has a big piece of gold under his hat but doesn't know about it".

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

I do the 'arranging' rather methodically, while having the pleasure of listening to each one. Usually over a few days. It's very satisfying.

I like so many quotable phrases, I couldn't pick one, or even many without listening again. I did that this morning on waking, and will surely do so many times, but not tonight.

Nancy said...

I have some things I must go do, but I will return when I can sit and listen. Thanks for putting this together Michelle. (((hugs)))