Sunday, January 15, 2012


Spirit Muse
Mystic, you see significance in all things.
Everything has a veiled meaning for you.
There’s something hidden in everything you see.
What you see, you always see it seeing something else.

But me, thanks to having eyes only for seeing,
I see the absence of signification in all things;
I see it and love myself, because to be a thing 
is to signify nothing.
Being a thing is not being susceptible to interpretation.

Alberto Caeiro da Silva was born in Lisbon on April 16, 1889,
and died of tuberculosis in the same city in 1915.
He spent nearly all his life in a village in Ribatejo;
and only returned to the city of his birth in his final months.
In Ribatejo he wrote nearly all his poems.
Here they are


Folk Heart said...

I'm headed there now, to enjoy more of what has so piqued my interest. What a great post with an evocative message...multi-faceted, as well. I thank you.

Snail Cloth said...

Had a nice visit this today looking and reading your blog.
I enjoyed reading your comment on Windthread.