Thursday, February 16, 2012

mammal Muse Thursday FALLING IN LOVE WITH A DOG

Mammal Muse
I have been 'following'
Wilf The Pon Discovers France 
since the artist, Jackie Morris suggested a visit.
It was love at first sight. 
Written by his owner, Angus, with a dry wit regarding all things canine and human, both erudite, and kind, even when making scathingly incisive observations about our human foibles.  The introduction:

 "Late 2004. After eight months of solid rain we sold the house in Scotland and moved to the warmth of southern Europe. Our companions on the journey two very lively Polish Lowland Sheepdog brothers - Wilf and Digby - otherwise known as the 'boyz'. Fluffy, patient and comical travel companions. Forever attracting laughter and new friends . After a year spent looking in Provence we moved to Italy to restore a hilltop Roman watchtower in Umbria. Some things are meant not to be. Following a rather unpleasantly violent 'housejacking' (the third in our little village) complete with fractured skulls, mock executions, machine guns and masked intruders, we left Italy in October 2009 for new adventures. This time in the gentle rolling countryside of south west France . We are now getting to grips with a large and rickety old farmhouse. Life after the violence of Italy has taken on a new gentler and more carefree tempo. Digby passed on from tick borne piroplasmosis in May last year but his brother, despite being diagnosed with cancer and having become blind , is soldiering on. This blog records his remaining time with us .
A kind of thank you."

Don't let the cancer throw you off the trail.  This blog is anything but sad.  Though occasionally harrowing, it's quite thoroughly joyous!  Those of us who have loved a canine or two will definitely love this one. It's been many months, and I still look forward eagerly to my daily dose.  May I assure you, the effect is cumulative.  This dog, these humans, and the French village itself will grow on you.   Here are three installments I particularly liked:

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Nancy said...

Oh yes, so sweet. I have not read this blog in such a long time. Thanks for the reminder!