Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mammal Muse Thursday WHAT LOVE CAN DO

 Mammal Muse

"Five minutes before he died I was holding his hand and requested him to come back as a reincarnation."
When one of Tibet's greatest monks passes away, his shy and gifted disciple must complete a monumental task--
to find his reincarnated master in the form of a child. Plagued by doubt, he goes on an arduous journey to find the next spiritual leader, as thousands of followers, and the Dalai Lama await his discovery.

My gratitude to Deanna for sending me the link.
I've watched this beautiful film more than once, and sent it to friends, who, like me, were moved and delighted by it.
  Premiered April 7, 2010 on Independent Lens, a weekly series airing on PBS. Hosted by Maggie Gyllenhaal, the acclaimed series showcases powerful and innovative independent films. Presented by ITVS, Independent Lens is broadcast on PBS stations nationwide.

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deanna7trees said...

so glad you enjoyed it and have shared it with others. it's hard not to be moved in some way by this film.