Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Primate Muse PRIMATE MUSING

Primate Muse
Born on Maha Sivaratri  
"Somewhere Sometime" 
Will be devoted to visual images,
mine and others.
Some who know me from this blog might know that I've spent time at an Ashram called Ananda in upstate New York, that I have a yoga practice and sometimes chant Sanskrit mantras, that I admire the wisdom, philosophy, rich symbolism and legends of India and Tibet.

 Although the two cultures seem disparate in beliefs and practices, if one refers to the Hindu Vedanta texts, one can observe their likeness.  Similarities in other forms of Buddhist practice are notable as well. The many forms of spiritual practice--Eastern, Western, and the practice of no-practice--like inclination toward tone, texture or color, exist to accommodate preferences.

Sivaratri is an annual Hindu festival
celebrated in reverence of Lord
He is referred to by multiple names encompassing all his aspects.

The essence of this day of worship, including ritual washing, is fairly expressed in the following passage:

It "symbolizes removal of impurities from the conditioned mind. Until self-realization is attained, all sentient beings are victims of a false-self (ego). Due to illusion obscuring real-self, conditioned mind then acts from a base of mistaken identity. 

According to the Vedanta, false-self is the root cause of bondage and suffering in life."

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