Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Primate Muse
Some of you already know I have been experiencing an explosion of mice in my city apartment due to building construction below, and to the fact of Spring
springing in all creatures great and small.

"If you build a better mousetrap,
you will catch better mice."  -George Gobel-
They had drowning in mind,
 but, if your willing to be on watch duty for a no-kill trap, a deep plastic container baited with a chocolate kiss works just fine.  They can't get out.  Snap the lid shut, call it cacao-heaven, and deliver: to a local park if you have no back yard. Of course, that just preserves them for awhile, and throws the problem out onto the larger community.  If you live in the country and take the captures to the woods they become a part of the food chain for other predators. If you live in urban settings you might give the capture to the building superintendent, or the managements office which will, unfortunately not be no-kill, and will not endear you to either.  You might befriend them, name them, feed them, and converse with them on Buddhist ethics, but would find yourself overrun in one mouse generation.  There's no easy solution.

To be continued


deanna7trees said...

i wondered how this was going.

kimmie said...

too bad there isn't an easy spay/neuter solution ... like people do with cats

I would take them to a park I guess

kaiteM said...

sorry but i don't try alternatives out here, i didn't like having my car engine wires chewed nor my house wiring chewed - i buy professional strength baits and leave them out all season. also their urine and faeces has potentially deadly viruses in it.

Ms. said...

Kaite is almost as fierce as my cousin, Kilda was. I hope someone got the humor and pathos of my petite urban drama. After all, it's a small domestic problem and certainly could be worse, but never mind that. Last night The moon was full. The night visitors are fading as Spring ascends. We City humans are on the case and will cumulatively push the invaders back into the landscape from whence we and they have emerged. In essence we're all a part of the food chain one way or another. Meanwhile thank you for your company. Onward!

*jean* said...

had em, been there...you are right, there is no easy way out...at least you have a sense of humor...i have none when it comes to meeces...i hate meeces to pieces...remember that?