Tuesday, April 17, 2012


In these troubled and contentious times,
my thoughts turn back to the memory of a place called Ananda
Ananda is one of two female forms of the male Indian name, Anand. Although in practice it is often encountered as a female name, there are also many examples of it being used in lieu of Anand as a male name, for example, in the case of Ānanda,
a disciple of Buddha.

The root for the name Ananda is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Bliss' and as such, Ananda's meaning can be said to be
'great joy' or 'great happiness'.

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deanna7trees said...

i believe all times are troubling and contentious and at the same time blissful. it all depends on your focus.

Ms. said...

Sometimes it is good to be amongst like minded seekers, and to withdraw into the natural world in a less demanding landscape than this teeming City. i have very potent memories of times spent there, besides, the food is so nourishing, and the meditations so refreshing. the silent retreat is the most affordable one of the year...only $150 all inclusive of food and housing for the weekend, and just an hour and twenty minutes by bus.