Saturday, April 21, 2012


Spring Cleaning
While searching for a line drawing of two of my cats
to send off for inclusion with a prose poem of mine
for a chapbook being produced by my writing group,
I've been getting into long neglected boxes and portfolios,
using the floor to sort and organize,
and discovering a few forgotten gems
in the process

Sacred Things
This is a small print of the larger color pencil original  of 1996, which I'm still looking for!
(two close up details of this one on my picture blog today)
Jack's Little Orange Dog
The original water color and ink
(5X8 inches) 
I'm fond of the odd angle.
I still own the little china dog, a gift from J.C. Carruthers (deceased)

More to come as the search and  sorting continues

pencil with some ink outlines-both are of "Little Mary" and "Una"
wrapped around the heat pipe in the kitchen from 2000

Photographed hastily cutting off some of the line,
but they will be scanned more carefully by the editor

Enough Spring Cleaning for Today
to Prairie Home Companion and supper.


jude said...

great to see this stuff....

deanna7trees said...

yes. nice to see 'you' in the post. i like how the dog and sun seem to be having a conversation.

Nancy said...

That little orange dog seems to look on with such wonder and anticipation. I love seeing this work of yours.

kimmie said...

love this treasure hunt :)
PHC and supper are a cozy end to the day