Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Maurice Sendak, much beloved curmudgeon,
who gave the world a better understanding of children,
and gave children a truer vision of themselves,
retired permanently this morning to
his final night kitchen. .
 His work will continue pouring from our collective literary archives for many moons to come.
And future wild things will devour breakfast cakes
with joyous abandon, just as they should


deanna7trees said...

i heard this news this morning. Stephen Colbert just wrote a children's book "I Am A Pole (and so can you)" and he said that he was encouraged by Sendak to write it.

Nancy said...

Thank you for this post. I too was going to say goodbye to this beloved children's author, but I haven't the energy yet.

kimmie said...

I was so sad to hear it today - a tremendous loss for story listening children all over the world

Ms. said...

Deanne you should google that Colbert--it wasn't precisely encouragement but it is a very funny episode. If I find it in my files I'll send it to you.

Nancy, thank you for reminding me about that documentary. I added the same post as yours into mine this morning so I wouldn't lose it. It's the heart of the matter of living a life, loving, and being an artist. I so love him for his humanity.

Kimmie--the man is gone but the work lives on. That's the greatest gift.