Wednesday, June 27, 2012


On the line in Massachusetts
For the Gentleman of the house
For the Lady of the house
 For the Friend
 A black and white check seersucker
jumper transformed
with Pitt pens begun
 continued and left there
for more at next visit
 My old cotton shift blued
embellished with Pitt pens
 Indigo gloves
with a leaky thumb
 My blue thumb
 A perfect spot to watch Summer go by....


deanna7trees said...

wow. some wonderful blueness. looks like you had a grand time.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful. I especially like the seersucker jumper and the face you made with Pitt pens.

woman with wings said...

That couple and their friend are going to look grand. All this blue, so cool I can hardly stand it. xo

Nancy said...

Oh Michelle it looks like you had a wonderful time! Now this is the way to sing the blues!!! :)