Friday, June 8, 2012


Where has that gardener Gone?
Listen to this link while you look:
Got to get ourselves back to the garden.
There are terribly tall Field Daisies this year,
reaching up out of the undergrowth.
 Little Stella D'ora Lillie's on every corner.
Yellow Coreopsis needing dead-heading
A Hydrangea that wants some sulphur
to help it turn blue.
My favorite Black sage popping
 Profusions of White Astilbe, with the littler pink ones buried beneath the foliage of everything else, and
a weed or two lurking in the over growth of green. We've had more rain than sun for months.
 Where will these many Woad plants go
if someone doesn't take a hand to clear space?

Enough said.


deanna7trees said...

yes. a garden needs lots of care for it to look exactly the way you want it too but a 'wild' look is nice as well. i love joni mithcell.

Nancy said...

Ahhh...your secret garden! The woad looks great, so healthy. And Joni - the best:)

Mo Crow said...

what a great garden Michele!

kimmie said...

Your garden looks like it's thriving even if you aren't out there to tame it like you think you should :)

woman with wings said...

Beautiful photos, the yellows just glow, and look at that woad! Wow. Have you ever dyed with your own woad?

MulticoloredPieces said...

I'm a fan of garden shots and Joni--nice combination.
best, nadia