Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Here's Robert Benchley In
"How To Take A Vacation"
a two minute scene from
"The Knights of The Round Table"

I've gone off to a kind of cabin
in a woodsy place

No Computer

Look whose coming along,

and see what he's bringing to play with!
Hope you enjoy the few blog posts I've scheduled to drop in while I'm gone. 
Please accept my apology for not always responding to comments.  I don't have it set up to give me a notice each time one comes in.  I will fix that when I return next week.  Meanwhile, may all be well with you.


Q said...

Have much fun in your cabin in the woods....
Indigo-dye kit looks interesting...so will Teddy get a tie-dyed outfit?
Looking forward to reading all about your vacation!

Nancy said...

Have a great time Michelle! It looks like you'll be in good company while traveling and relaxing!