Friday, July 20, 2012


A wool hat, left me by a friend who moved on,
was full of holes, 
itched when I tried it on,
still it had parts to use else wise.
A shirt of non specific material I'd thought was raw silk, had some burn holes in it. so I dyed it Indigo, but the dye was uneven, and not in a pleasing way.
I washed it, and it fell apart at the seams.
Now, it's base material for prayer flags I have in mind.
Poems , stories and drawings are like that too.
A phrase, a paragraph, even a word can be extracted, re-purposed to pose a new beginning. A line going nowhere can be redirected.  Who knows where it might lead, once I let go of where
I thought it ought to arrive.
Live plants bloom, and when their flowers and fruits fall, they become another expression of their essence.  Some parts are edible, some are dried for herbs, some saved for future seeds, some for dyeing cloth and paper, and some to make potpourri.
Sometimes the only way to save a relationship,
is to deconstruct it, dissolve what is not useful for the health of the
whole enterprise, and reuse the useful parts for continuing.
If nothing is useful, then the lessons learned can be retained.


deanna7trees said...

ah yes...the lessons learned. there are always lessons learned.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

YES!, this is IT, isn't it....
oh...this is just going to FILL
my day with your thoughts on
fragments. pieces. small shards.
utterance. glint. filaments. chunks. reflections. glimmers.

Nancy said...

These are good words Dear Michelle. Sometimes we forget that something can be used in many 'thing' can fit many purposes. And, yes even relationships. Life is funny that way.