Monday, July 2, 2012


Sunday with unhealthy air afternoon into evening,
so I stayed at home with the A/C on.
Got out the Indigo dye bath, having brought a jar-full
back with me from Massachusetts.
Did two pieces: a white t-shirt, and a Walnut-stained cotton cloth.   Surprised by how potent the dye still was after all the work it had already done.  Nothing extraordinary by way of technique, just folds, rubber bands, and some tin can lids.
Then it was on to Pitt Pens.
You might recall this fellow
from Saturday's post
 Not yet done.
Needs more definition, additional color,
the forest below, leaves on the branch,
details in the sky, like the little Buddha in the clouds.
Some stitching to be added before I finish,
a cloth border, and tabs,
plus a nice stick to hang it from, of course.


deanna7trees said...

just love the sketched bird on the indigo background.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

what a perfect combination of two
things you love..drawing, cloth...
i can see this going a long Way...
and i was drawing
eyes on the felt

Nancy said...

I love this bird in the sky! And the first pic...I loved seeing the rainbow mirror looking at me :)