Friday, August 3, 2012


I drew these lines:
This line is the same line
as the new blog header,
with different contents:
There Are Lines And Lines 

Long lines and short lines-
lines of thought that circle the subject,
boundary lines to shut things in,
keeping some other things out.

Laugh lines and frown lines-
face maps where life laid it's mark.
Ancestors lining up down into the past,
are saving a place in line for us.

This is:
The Clothesline Rag

My friend Leone wrote this:

And don't miss this delightful homage to laundry
by Eve Edwards
The History Girls
The Punchline



deanna7trees said...

clothes on the line brings back fun memories of the clothes freezing on the line in winter. i loved when that happened.

Nancy said...

Love the hand study. Adore a good clothes line! I don't see too many around here. I have always wanted a nice big studio where I could hang works in progress on one of those square clotheslines! And love the sight of them between buildings like in the link. Fun song. You find the best stuff!! :)

jude said...

i was just out gather cloth dried on the line.

bj said...

There is no better smell than clean clothes fresh off the clothes line...unless it's freshly baked bread. Thank you for this post :o)

Ms. said...

I used to have a clothesline that stretched across the back alley to Marie's window and she had one too that stretched the same space from another window in her place to another one at mine. It was gloriously comforting to view the weekly evidence of life out there. That's all gone now. It's bare and lifeless out there. Time takes everything, but the memories. As a child, I lived where there was a yard, and those circular clotheslines were always full. On July 4th, we hung flags and sparklers, and spun the thing on it's swivel in celebration.

Mo Crow said...

Love that clothes line rag! Don't you New Yorkers still have those clotheslines on pulleys? My aunt & uncle had one in their old brownstone in Queens, it was fun... hmmm may be showing my age here that was in the 60's!

Q said...

My husband and I hang out our bed sheets every Monday. Sun dried smell the best all week long!
Looking forward to getting to know you and your blog.

Ms. said...

Welcome Sherry