Friday, September 14, 2012


Although this fruit gets it's luminescent color
from special photo cells,
I'm still working with that same Indigo dye vat.

 That burned t-shirt from the last post
after another wrap around a rusty tin can
one more immersion overnight 
 It wouldn't take much fabric pen magic
to emphasize these winged things
The towel that was under it in the oven
haven't quite decided if I'll use it for something
or ditch it
Next a plain piece of white cotton
with cucumber peels
after washing three times
A tan t-shirt
wrapped around the rusty tin can
into the vat
48 hours later
I like this a lot
a  butterfly-maybe two
One last blue thing


montana joe said...

there is a fearlessness in your wrap and vat dyeing that inspires me! thank you!

Ms. said...

Hey Joe--what's to fear? I'm just playing around with techniques garnered from Jude & Deanna and others. Playing around is the key to fearlessness in my case.

bj said...

There's a little red wagon sitting on my front porch, and it gathers all the rusty metal bits I pick up on my walks with Racer Dog. I must dig into the trove and see what I can wrap and toss into the neglected vat. Thanks for the reminder....I love the 'rusty blues' here on this post :o)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i want to change my name to Lesula

Anonymous said...

don't throw away the one you sd you might!!!!!

and yes, I see wings everywhere!

I think my favorite is the blue/yellow stripey one (second to last) - is that an antique iron I see on the stove, PS?