Sunday, September 2, 2012


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New York City
On the afternoon of August 31st, I trekked around the city
till way past dark, visiting
Carnegie Hall
to pick up an affordable (second row box) seat
for this December concert,
thinking ahead
"Pink Martini"
The lyrics of Sympathique freely draw on Guillaume Apollinaire's
poem "Hôtel" from Le guetteur mélancolique.
A new arrival
Pays by the month
The boss is doubtful
Whether you’ll pay
Like a top
I spin on the way
The traffic noise
My neighbour gross
Who puffs an acrid
English smoke
O La Vallière
Who limps and smiles
In my prayers
The bedside table
And all the company in this hotel
know the languages of Babel
Let’s shut our doors
With a double lock
And each adore
his lonely love
Skirted along the edges of Central Park
Heading East across 59th Street
"Peace" leads the way
"The real estate capital of the world"
sports pigeons living rent free
Here's a horse with a job,
and only hay for pay
One woman complaining that she's still waiting for her new furniture!
Her friend commiserating about unreliable deliveries,
and merchants who make promises they can't keep.
I continued down Fifth Avenue by bus
Past the New York Public Library
to East 38th Street  

Lord and Taylor
 When I was a child, my Aunt Pauline took me on a Christmas-gift trip every December.  I was instructed to point to what I liked in clothes and toys, while she, discretely whispered to salespeople along the way.  Later, we picked up mystery packages at the gift wrap desk that I was not to open till the 25th.  
Before taking the train home we supped at the
A double treat for me as a devotee of
Beginning in 1927, Horn & Hardart sponsored a radio program,  a variety show with a cast of children (including some who later as adults became well-known performers), It was broadcast on NBC Radio in New York during the 1940s and 1950s.
 Turning East Once More
Across the street from the Morgan
Jan Karski
Resistance hero, here depicted playing chess,
the metaphor of war 
Then across to the
Morgan Museum

I spent some time in the library reading titles behind the glass of this amazing bibliophiles delight, and noted that many, many copies of the same texts were available there.  Though it's not a lending library, I've heard rumor that scholars and members might obtain a closer view.
It was all dark polished wood and red velvet upholstered, with many smaller rooms, and vaults with the kind of elaborate metal bank locks you only see in old movies.
Useful, I suppose,  if you're a banker, or a person with the sort of things that require home vaults
The huge fireplace above, one of three,  had an opening large enough for two or three people to sit within it
A  section of one mantlepiece
I examined other artifacts
on view from the extensive collection
J. Pierpont 
amassed in his long career of accumulating art,
books, gems, ancient fragments, real estate, railroads, political influence, people, and enormous wealth
Dynastic Egyptian figures
 Ritual for the observance of eclipses
 St. Elizabeth holding a book

The life mask of George Washington

Free Film Screening
"Einstein On The Beach
The Changing Image of Opera"

Mark Obenhaus 1984 film of interviews with Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson, and clips from the rehearsals for the original production, which will have a revival
this September in Brooklyn:
 These two wonderful young musicians played beautifully
in the central Atrium for two hours!

nestled amidst Elsworth Kelly sculptures
Traveling home on foot, and by bus, I got a few glimpses of the full moon, but was too weary, full of images, impressions and thoughts, to summon energy to go the extra distance
for an East river view

A salt soak for my feet, and a quiet evening's end awaited me three flights up

Blue Moon Photographs
From the wide wide world
Just Starting in Australia


deanna7trees said...

wow. that was some adventure. brought back memories of my treks on Saturdays in NYC when i lived in NY. loved that you mentioned the Horn and Hardart. i loved putting the nickels in the slot and opening the window to get the food. we used to eat there on mother's day and then go see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. thanks for that trip down memory lane.

Suzanna said...

Yes, this brought back many happy memories for me too...thank you!

Velma said...

some day i may have a new york city adventure! i did, once, but i was very young, and remember only very tall buildings.

Ms. said...

Deanna--love your memories, and glad it sparked some for Suzanna as well. Velma, contact me if you decide to come to the city. I'll be your hostess.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Michelle. Lovely tour of NYC. I enjoy seeing things through your sophisticated eyes. And I wish I had had a great Aunt like yours!
best, nadia

bj said...

Thank you so much for the whirlwind tour! I've never been to NY...only in my day dreams. You are a lovely tour guide :o)