Saturday, September 29, 2012


Creative Writing Program
The Reading
See London through the words of characters in
Zadie Smith's
Zadie Smith is a wonderful reader, gracious, charming, and generous.  Witness the thoughtful answers she offered each of the long line of students asking many questions.  She stayed on for a second long line of signing requests, several attendees having brought stacks!  It's a notable signature.
This memorable line from the new novel:
"I am the sole author of the dictionary that defines me."
NW review by Megan Roth
It is her non-fiction writing that first caught my attention.  A few examples:
On The Essay
After The Reading
Washington Square--so tidied up, so, so well lit.
Fat sunflowers swelled to droop--Summer's glut.
The warm night, damp with just a bit of breeze.
"What's your favorite instrument?"--"Oh, the cello"
He gives me one. "Sorry, no spare cash" I protest.

 "It's an I.O.U sketch"--Around the famous fountain,
where humans meet, part, or pass by, still unknown,

cricket boys vibrate wings, chirping a last dance call
before the coming chill imposes silence on their song.
Under that overarching arch "The Boat is Sinking",
sings the Cossack band, 'O My Fate', gravel toned.

White phlox perfumes the air, Intoxicating, and sad.

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