Monday, October 15, 2012


Emerging from the subway
Into crisp daylight
 by the beautiful Museum of Natural History
Pictures--doodads-and stuff at the Craft Fair
with  snippets of passing conversations
Here are friends, Julian and Nemo of 
And John Marcus Powell catching the sun
A wonderful Milliner-Kathy Anderson
Time to go underground again
Above ground in Chelsea I stopped by
The finest collectibles
and in business for decades.
Note the customer conversation.
Then home for a foot soak and cup of coffee.
A walk Eastward on 23rd Street, and up to the 12th floor
for a friend's son's delicious 18th Birthday dinner. 
Later a brief moment alone at the dark river
With a last sliver of the waning moon behind me
I made my way back home.

You will have noticed that the ambient noise of the city is huge,
It's just how it is.  No wonder we love quiet places.

See the EXOT scarf I purchased for my friend
over at Mostly Images blog.


deanna7trees said...

ha...loved the videos and the bits of audio. felt like i had a day in the city. the blue scarf is beautiful.

Nancy said...

Oh thank you for taking me along! That was so fun and the fair looks like each artist was wonderful. The scarf is a beauty, as is all of the work over at EXOT Blue! And that store brings back memories of the days I used to antique shop!
Great adventure :)