Thursday, October 4, 2012


Joan Suval of Ananda Ashram in Monroe New york gives a meditation called "Readings From The Masters" on the first Wednesday evening of each month--in Manhattan.
Last night I was there, sitting on the floor, so the visual is not the point.  I only let the camera wander.  The reading is from Osho--just a one minute snippet of it here:



Nancy said...

Was wonderful, yes? (((sigh)))

Ms. said...

Last night or Osho?
Yes to last night--a qualified yes for Osho. Though brilliant, he got terribly entangled with some pretty nasty stuff eventually. And some talks betray cultural biases that would send me running for the door. Look at Osho, and Sheela Silverman on Wikipedia if you want to get the difficult parts there. Still, his thought is not to be discounted entirely.