Friday, October 19, 2012


They said
"The streets of this City are lined with gold"
Is this what they meant?
Boxes of new video tapes piled up curbside in front of a video store on 6th Avenue.
Most were Tai Chi, Kick Boxing, other Martial Arts and Bruce Lee.  A few were Kid stuff, and a very few were rare gems. 
Some folks still have VHS players, as do I.  Here's what I brought home for
holiday gift giving this year
four copies of
Flowers, Plants and Trees
(Tell Me Why-for Kids-30 minutes)
four copies of
A Disney Christmas
(46 minutes of classic cartoons)
one copy of
Baby's Christmas Songs
(30 minutes for 3 to 6 years old)
one copy of
a 1987 light comedy feature
(I know one old gent who will love it)
one copy of
A Christmas Carol 
the 1987 Guthrie Theater Production 
(keeping this one for myself)
to a short clip of a more recent Guthrie production.

If my bag had not been full, I might have grabbed a few of the Bruce Lee for someone I know who is addicted, but enough was enough.  It's never too early to shop when the price is this right.  My gleaning soon attracted several others. There was a resourceful gang of urban diggers there when I left.


Nancy said...

I recently was given a VCR...I use it to watch movies of my children when they were young :)

Ms. said...

You know there are gems available only on VHS that may never be digitalized for DVD, and VHS tapes are often abandoned for the newer mode. It's apparently even harder and harder to find the old players. Iam fortunate (so far) in that I purchased an old TV which includes a VHS player ten years ago for 99,99 (don't you hate that manipulative 100?)...and I hope it lasts my lifetime. I too have personal tapes made back in the day!

bj said...

These are indeed treasures! Finding hidden nuggets like these make a day really special.