Friday, November 30, 2012


A Wonderful Healer
Lori Berryhill is an acupuncturist and herbalist who first came to my attention when my good friend made me a gift of her
"Magic Juice"
The first thing I noticed was a lovely odor.  I used it after two brutal days of gardening and felt the benefits for myself!
What It Is
24+ Chinese herbs, brewed in an alcohol base for 8-10 weeks, filtered, and  bottled.  The formula is designed to move blood, and qi (or chi, energy), then to repair as well.  It reduces swelling and bruising with the 'movement aspect' of the formula, then the 'mending aspects' build blood and 'qi' locally.
Expect a Long Shelf Life
"The nature of the herbs themselves, as well as the preparation process, produces a formula that tends to improve on the shelf."  Apply it over and over in your day, or use it in a more concentrated way in a poultice for twenty minutes at a time.
What It Does
It's a topical pain reliever with some bone and flesh repairing herbs.  It can relieve a variety of discomforts, from simple sinusitis through digestive issues, and has been used effectively in many chronic conditions as well. 

I've also used it as a sleep aid.  I'm a notorious insomniac, and when something helps me,
I have to share it.
 You can reach Lori at
or leave a message at
801-355-3076 or 801-554-5912
Be Patient, Lori has a busy practice both at her own office, at the clinic, and treatment visits to clients in the hospital.  

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