Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Walked through the door to my apartment a few hours ago from Massachusetts where I've been since November 19th.
It looked quite familiar.
Thanksgiving was two feasts with ten guests each in two separate locations.  Most of our time was spent tending cats, cooking meals, and staring at sunrises, sunsets and stars.  I'll return on the 19th of December for a Solstice celebration and traditional holiday festivities

Thursday Friday and Saturday of this week I'm busy getting Tulip bulbs planted, plus 20 fifty pound bags of cedar mulch to spread over three garden spaces at the church around the corner.
I had hardly one creative thought the whole time I was away.
Took lots of new photos and made a few little videos.
Google informs me my picasa free storage is full and I can't download new material.  I have no means to purchase more space (no paypal, debit or credit cards).
Time to sleep on it.


deanna7trees said...

glad to see you back. i've been on blogger since 2009 and have never received that type of message. i believe it has to do with the size and type of messages you download. mine are always jpgs and below 800 pixels. or maybe my time is coming...

Mo Crow said...

welcome back Michele, love seeing the winter wonderland! maybe it's a sign that it's time for a new blog ? Ms Uncertainty Principles 2 ? with a link as a last message from the old one here to the new one so we all know where you've gone?

Mo Crow said...

oops mea culpa Michelle with 2 ll's!!

Nancy said...

Welcome back!
See my piccasa/Blogger mesg on your other post.
I'm thinking on it too :)

Ms. said...

I will continue with this blog. Starting a new one didn't change anything. I tried that...and all my pics are under 800 Deanna. I'm just giving up on the mostly images blog and moving new images to face book for now. Google has my pictures in Picasa and it relates to all my blogs in the same way...there's a limit to free, at least on e-blogger. I might open a free typepad account when I can wrap my head around it. I love words, but pictures and videos are...worth a lot to me in storytelling...image matters. If I had $ and trusted $ transactions on the web...well...never mind what-if-ing in this context. It is what it is, and I am what I am.

Anonymous said...

I have a pro account with flickr that's pretty reasonable... I've heard that facebook basically owns whatever pix you upload there, even before all that nonsense started last week about "Notice to fb blah blah blah". Anyway, welcome home! Glad you had a nice time up here in Massachusetts! We got a little more snow today.